October 9th, 2006


I just found a similar question over at another LJ community asking about screencapping. Is there such thing as an automated program that can cap at a desired time? For example, every 3 seconds?

Thanks in advance!

My class is booring I need help!

I need HELP! Ok My teacher wants me to do a project working on AI (Adobe Illustrator) what am I to do now? how do I work it?? I normally played arounf with the program but I had a couple of tutorials to help me ot or at least a strating point...sooo can ya help me out?? I need it soon! Im actually in class rite now typing this...meh...
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A question about curves

I have one little question regarding curves in New Adjustment Layer. Yesterday I was trying out a new tutorial which required two RGB colourings in the same curves layer. I started changing the settings in the RGB, green, red and blue curves the first time. The problem appeared when I was going to change the settings in the second RGB. I got this error message:

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Tutorial List

Since lists are a huge help to me, I decided that it was time to organize my own. And seeing as all of those extremely helpful lists came from this community, I'm sharing it with you guys!

- Tutorials not mine unless stated as such.
- All icons are property of their creators.
- Do not hotlink to the images on my post. I went to the effort of resizing and saving them to my own server. You should do the same.


The list contains tutorials for PS, PSP, and I think a few for GIMP.

Tutorials in bulk?

I just had a quick question for any of the members out there.  I know that every now and then someone will post an entry that has a link leading back to their journal with a variety of tutorials for either Photoshop or Paintshop Pro or even both in the entry.

Can anyone give me some links to them?  I had them before but firefox was being an arse and I ended up losing all the tutorials I had saved.  Any links would be appreciated.
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#5 → Simple Text (2)

Alot of people are asking how I make my text for text icons and when I tried to post a tutorial for text specifically, it didn't come out the right way. So, to make it easier, I'm giving you all a banner tutorial that explains my text technique! I'm fabulous, right? ;)

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Screen caps in VLC

I just recently downloaded VLC so I could start making some mini-movies and after searching and searching I still can't find how to screencap. I found out how to do one little frame but how do I get to the next one? Is there a way I can cap several frames at one time? Do I need another application?

Please keep one thing in mind, I have a mac.
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