October 10th, 2006

Selective Coloring

A few months ago someone posted a link in the comments on one of the posts here to a place where you could download and install selective coloring, curves, etc. into Photoshop. Does anyone have that link? Unfortunately when my computer got a tune-up this week they messed something up and I had to reinstall PS and now I no longer have the ability to do selective coloring and I was having so much fun with it, too! I appreciate any help. Thanks! :)

EDIT: Thanks ctsquirrel!
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Mangs tutorial! :o

I've decided to create a tutorial for

Because it's so simple and easy to follow ^^. Please do not re-distribute this tutorial in any way, and try to experiment! I don't want to see clones walking around out there. *____* This was created in Photoshop, CS2, but I'm sure it is easily transferable.

If you like this tutorial, please think of joining/watching my community and giving some feedback. ^^

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For school I am trying to create a product (as in a document) with circles. I want all my text to be placed within the circles with the same shape (so round). I'm using PS 7 or PSP 7 and it's not working. I've looked for tutorials, but I can only find them where you have to use 'paths' and this is just for one line.

Is it possible to have lots of text with a round shape within a circle? Please help!!! Thanks in advance.

tutorial #04

Make outta this.
Made in Photoshop CS2.

Collapse )Start off by cropping your base to 100x100.
Duplicate, set to screen.
Add this texture:

and set to soft light, 100% opacity.
Duplicate base again and set to screen.
New layer & fill it with #9233B8, set to linear burn (40%).
New layer, fill with #EDE8B4, set to overlay (100%).
New layer, fill with #070B52, set to exclusion (100%).
Duplicate your base again, set to softlight (100%) and drag it
to the top.
Flatten image, and your done!Collapse )