October 14th, 2006

Question with fonts

I'm having trouble with rotating fonts in photoshop elements 4 (but i also have ps cs2 if it makes any difference). Every time I try to it comes out all pixelly and distorted. Any help is appreciated!
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banner help!!

i happened to see this banner, how to get the effect like the border in the middle? thanks in advance!!

and does some one knows where could i find the grunge texture? ^^

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sorry but i don't know where it comes from...T_T
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A tutorial on making this wallpaper using Photoshop CS. Some parts might not be translatable to PSP.

Also, I am not claiming that this is beginner friendly. You might want to see for yourself.

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Catch it here


I was looking for the link for the page that has tons of icon tutorials on one page. I loved that but lost the link. If someone could help that would be GREAT!
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i looked through the mems but I really don't think they would have it in there.

Umm..Does anyone know how to make a Colorbar banner. I know this is for icons but I know someone knows how to make one.

Thanks in advance.