October 15th, 2006

brush question

I know this isn't really a tutorial question, but...does anyone know where I can find these swirly brushes? I used to have some saved on my comp., but then it crashed, so...yeah.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

If someone can help, I'll be sososo grateful!
hp: ron & hermione

An open letter to all icon makers, experienced and newbies alike.

(Mods, delete this if it's not allowed)

Dear fellow iconers...

It has come to my attention, on more than one occasion, as I have browsed through the many fantastic icon tutoirals in the community, that the tutorials seem to be overcome by the many questions we get asked. So, I propose a solution that may well suit everybody's needs.

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Hey everyone!
This is my first post ever here at icon_tutorial , I've always been kinda watching what's posted, trying some tutorials... But this time I've got a question! I love all the icons and graphics made by __iiicons ...

I'm just wondering if anyone knows how to achieve this kind of coloring :

IN PSP7 or PS7

  • yucor

crisp/bright/colorful: screencap

Program using: PSP 8

I can not figure out how to make this screencap look crisp/bright/colorful. I've been in this community for hours now trying different tutorials. I was this screencap to look similar to these icons. (Yes I've tried the tutorials for these icons and it turned out awful.)
... ...


hairy feet!

Icons by: jillrenay & kayleedee
Glee Blaine perfect

I looked through the FAQs...

but I couldn't the answer to my question. I hate to say I'm a beginner, since I've been making icons for years, but mine are very very basic, like the one I used here.
I use Photoshop Elements, and when I try to follow any of the tuts, I get completely confused. Are there any PSE tuts out there or would I be better off just downloading a free trial of PSP or PS or GIMP to use? My hard drive is nearly full so I was trying to avoid that but I really want to make some more advanced graphics, but I can't figure out the technical means.
Thanks so much.
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(no subject)

I made this Icon and it moves just right and all in ImageReady but when I save it and open it it like moves for a little while and then stops and doesnt move again -_-

Anyone knows how to fix this problem?
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I have asked lots of people for help on this and no-one can/will help me.
How do I make the quality of a awful quality picture look really good?

Thanks in advance!


p.s If you don't know what I mean, then please tell me and I will try and explain further!

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This is going to sound really stupid but I just spent an hour teaching myself how to make an animation in ImageReady and now I can't figure out how the hell to save it. Ahh! Can someone help me, pleeease? ♥