October 17th, 2006

New Here!

Can someone give their thoughts on Ulead Animator 5.0 a friend told me about it but I am apprehensive, this will be my first animation download and don't want to get something I may not like.
I want to make gif icons, so I'm not always asking help from a friend.

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I've posted this list of tutorials before, but I majorly edited it. I took out all the tuts that had been: deleted, images that were X's, and etc.
I've added a TON more, and I just thought everyone would like to see it. :]

( HERE )

Oh, and if you think there is a tutorial that should be there, speak up!
misc ; makeup

text icons

how do you go about making text icons? like i'm never sure what font's to use, i see hearts in many places but i can never find where to download them. what fonts do you use, colors, placement, sayings? examples:
i'm sorry, i don't remember who these are by. but i think you get the point of text icons.