October 18th, 2006


Can someone point me in the right direction for finding sparkly textures? I've found many nebulae and space textures, but I haven't found quite what I've been looking for.

Any help will be appreciated.
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Shoot me, it's a question.

Okay, not sure if it's been asked or not, but I looked around through the memories, and I didn't find a tutorial or anything for this, unless I plainly overlooked it. If this isn't allowed, or whatever, sorry for wasting your time and feel free to delete this

I've been seeing this snow falling animations around quite a bit, and I was wondering how the snow was done, does anyone know where I can find a tut to one, or possibly already have the knowledge on hand?

Using Image Ready 7


Icon credit: so_fuck7

Major thanks to anyone who can help me. ♥
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(no subject)

I've looked through the memories & didn't see anything about this, but if I skipped over it, just punch me.

Does anyone know of a way, (if it's possible) to delete multiple brushes in PS CS? I don't think it's even possible, but it'd be great if it were! :)

PSCS2 Question

Hi.^^ As the title says i have a question regarding PSCS2. Does PS have a brush pressure sensitivity setting?I'm using a tablet as of recently and i don't know how to make this setting.Or is it preset into it like for other programs(i.e. openCanvas)?

Thank you in advance for any clues that might be given!^^ 

EDIT:Yay!Problem solved!!!Thank you for all your kind help!!!^^ Much huggles!!
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Feelings - Holding Heart close

(no subject)

I am trying to achieve this look: and just can't seem to get it right.
Have played with all kinds of textures such as this sample by Melinda:
and I have been using this as a base..
and yet the best I can really get to that is simular is this: .

Just not right. I like the fact that the look I want, doesn't look like a square box...
I don't know how to better describe it.
Anyone have some better ideas on how to do this techinque.
Do I need different masks... or am I using the layer wrongly?
Hmmm... any suggestions would be great.
Thank you in advance.
kaizers orchestra: janove sunset

Rammstein tut

This is a rather subtle effect, as far as my usual icons go. But I wanted to keep the simplicity of the picture and not distract from it too much.

Going from this to this

As always, done in PSP8 and it's translatable.

( Clicky clicky )
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Zero/Yuki:The Forbidden Love

Tutorial 1:Eyown icon

I am very nervous.
English isn't my mother language,
and I know my English is very very poor,
but I still want to try to post an icon tutorial here:)
So...if I've said anything wrong, please forgive me.

OK,I finish my opening remarks,
Let's go to my first tutorial in English~~

We will go from title or description to title or description
Made in Photoshop CS

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Ai Otsuka Icon Tutorial

Here's a little icon tutorial I made. If you need anymore tutorials or resources for my techniques, feel free to friend my journal (only way you can get my goodies). I'll probably make more tutorials if more people visit my iconjournal.

Inside the Mirror
We'll be going from

Find the True Image
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(no subject)

Okay i searched the mems for anything relating to my question, couldn't find anything to help!! 

I'm just wondering if anyone can reccomend the best way to clean up screen caps...more specifically caps taken from TV, that tend to be lower quality, more grainy etc. 

Any help would be very much appreciated!! :D

EDIT:// i use both PSPX and PS7!!! :D

tutorial 001

first tut! :D hope you guys like it, i was playing around and ended up with something i liked :D

right so anyway, we're going from to using pscs2 :D

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other icons made using this tutorial:

this icon is from my icon set here
credits to dinadorama for the screencaps! :D
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[reefer madness] mmm...joint.

PS CS - Coloring Tutorial

Okay, so I liked this effect...but was too lazy to write out a full tutorial. What can I say? It's a really easy tutorial...just picking the right colors, I don't even mess with the opacity at all. Nothing too special...I just liked how it looks :)

From to

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(no subject)

Alright, I need some help .. (Using PS CS2)

I've been making icons and I tend to use really bright colors and when I save it (using the 'save for web' option) as a .jpg (16kb) it looks awesome in my PS CS2..but when I go to upload the icon to my usericons it looks alot lighter and washed out =(

Any ideas why? I've checked the archive's and couldn't find anything quite like this.

Could it be some kind of color setting on my PS CS2 thats making it look alot brighter than on the web?
Any help would be much appreciated

I placed an image behind the cut so you can get a better idea of what it looks like both in my PS CS2 and on the web..

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