October 19th, 2006


Hey guys, I was going through some picturs of Belinda that I found on the internet, but I guess the label added a coloring to all of the new pictures of her, so I was wondering if anybody new how to fix it, and if so could you do it for me so I see how it's supposed to look and then give me a step by step kinda tutorial so I can do the same with the other pics? Thanks so much! Here's the pic:

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I use Photoshop CS2. i tried running an auto-color and turning up the saturations, but that ruins the quality of the pic...

Looking for an animation tut...

Hi y'all...

I'm looking for an animation tutorial...I'm sure one must exist but I haven't found one. I'm using PSP9/Animation shop 3 and I'm trying to find a tut that shows how to animate just the text portion of an icon using motion blur. I want to start off with the text saying one thing, then use the motion blur and show the text saying something else, and then motion blur and go back to the first text, and so on. 

Hope that's clear, thanks to anyone who can help. :)

ETA: Okay, nevermind, I figured out how to do it, but my image quality SUCKS now...I have to save the file as a .gif because of the animated text, but how do I stop the graininess that happens when saving it that way instead of a .png? Even when I leave the Optimization set at best image quality it gets all grainy.

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Does anyone know where I can find paper frame brushes? like this one: Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting by 77words

I've looked for them 100x100_brushes, but there seems to be no organisation of posts. There's no tags and the memories are really outdated.

(Also, I'm looking for a set death skull brushes, if anyone know where I can find them that's be gret too.)

Thank you!

Yet Another List

Though I've probably posted this numerous times, yet again, here's another link to my Tutorial List. BUT there's a valid reason! This time, I've organized the icon tutorials by program (1 section for PSP/GIMP. 1 section for PS) and a whole other section for big graphics. I can't help it, I like to rearrange and reorganize stuff way too much. Enjoy!

(Click for the list, yo!)

P.S. Since I use PSP, The first part is that. Scroll to the bottom of the pages to navigate it all.
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Does anyone know where to get tiny text brushes like this? [I mean with the black background too].

If so, please tell me where. I love these and I only have 2 and it's getting tacky to keep using the same ones...

[I don't think this is of any revelance but I'm on PS7]

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Here's an anime looking avatar of Kristen Bell, star of 'Veronica Mars'.  Great show by the way. :D
This tutorial is for PS CS2

Before:                     After:


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