October 22nd, 2006

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A small icon tut till. This was asked here once. I don't know if it ever got answered or not. But anyways,

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Made in Photoshop CS. I think it can be done in all other programmes.


Just A Question?

Hi all, my first post here,

I can't afford photoshop and was wondering your thoughts on Ulead Photoimpact 12 or Serif Photoplus 6 or if you have any other good sites as long as I can make gif icons
I am just starting to take serious my icon making I use what is on my computer now Picture It Photo 7 which as far as I know you can't make gif icons with, any help would be great.
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A photo affect

I looked through the memories and couldn't find what I was looking for (partially because I don't really know how put into words the effect on these pictures is), so I'm really hoping somebody would be able to help me...

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I would VERY much appreciate it, if anybody could point me in the right direction. Thank you so very much!
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I know this may not belong here, but I'm having some serious problems with image compression in adobe cs 2 (trial version) for macs (my .jpgs and .pngs are WAY bigger than 40kb, though when I save them it says that they're only at about 25kb). I never had this problem when I had a PC, so any help would be appreciated!

If this doesn't belong here, could someone please refer me to a community that might be able to help?

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Screenshot question

This is an indirectly iconish question--I've recently discovered that my computer's DVD playing program (Cyberlink Power DVD) won't let me take screenshots with the "print screen" key. Does anyone know if there's another way to get screencaptures from it, or if there isn't, does anyone know a DVD player that will allow screenshots (free or purchased)? I want to make some Hornblower icons and this is really irking me.

EDIT: Thanks for the help. ^_^

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Erm, okay. I'm using Adobe Photoshop CS. I think I may have clicked something by accident earlier today, because I try to change the background and foreground colours, and even if I click something like... red, it will then show either black, white, or various shades of grey in the squares representing the current background and foreground colour. =|

I feel kinda stupid right now, but could anyone help me, please?
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I use Photoshop 7.0 and I was messing with my crop thingy and accidentally pressed 'Front Image', now every time I try to crop a picture into an icon, it's all messed up. So I try to edit the width and height to 100px but then it says 'Could not complete your request because the scratch disks are full'

Any solutions?? Thanks in advance!