October 24th, 2006

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Icon effect

hey, does anyone have any ideas on how to get the effect on this icon in Photoshop CS2? I'm seriously all out of ideas and I asked leplastichearts in her gallery in Pandora's Closet but she hasn't replied yet...

  <<- by leplastichearts

How can I find out.....

A question about Paint Shop Pro: At which version did Jasc/Corel stop including Animation Shop, and what's the latest Animation Shop version out right now? I went to the site, but didn't find the answer to my question. Hopefully, it's ok to post this type of question here.
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I know I know, dumb question but the animation bar is not showing up in ImageReady :\ I already clicked in the Windows thingy to make it show up but its still not there :\

anyone knows wtfs up with that o_o

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this might seem like a silly question, but hey it needs answering. (i hope its allowed :/)

i use cs2 for all my amateur graphic design needs, however i have in the past tried out a couple other PS's and found that on those i was able to rotate a brush to an angle i required, how ever on cs2 i cant seem to do that.

is there anyway to rotate the brush around? or can i not do that?
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I'm in a Buffy/Angel icon making mood, but I'm having diffculty with how dark the screencaps are.  Does anyone know a good PSP tutorial using a dark screencap as an original, or a method of lightening without losing picture quality?  Thanks a bunch.
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coloring question...

can anyone please tell me how to achieve the coloring in this icon....I've searched but can't seem to find exactly what i'm looking for...

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
sorry, i don't know who made the actual icon...
i use both psp7 and ps cs2 so any help would be majorly appreciated.
also: i cropped the original screencap (not the exact frame but one close) so you'd have an idea of what it looked like before.
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I've already looked thru the achives and there is no question about this. I have Adobe Photoshop 6. When I resize pictures to 100x100, they look very pixilated. Too sharp, and I haven't sharpened them. How to I avoid/remedy this? TY in advance.

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I've made a community for my Icons and Tutorials, and deleted all the posts from my personal journal (adieulenin)

so i'll post the new links of my tutorials here for people who mem'd them before.

Made by Adobe Photoshop CS2 and can be used in any other programs because it has only colour layers, no curves, selective colours etc.

Made by Adobe Photoshop CS2, has 2 curves layers.

Tutorial for dotted & dashed lines
Made by Adobe Photoshop CS2