October 25th, 2006

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Programs: PS7 & PSP8

In ps7 if you you the drop shadow it helps the text pop out a little.
Is there a "drow shadow" or something comparable on PSP8?

Thank you very much.

Help with Unzipping font files

Hey there, I'm pretty new here and I wasn't actually planning on posting anything but I've hit a bit of a snag.

Basically I downloaded some pixel fonts from here;

I saved them and then unzipped them using winzip and extracted their files to C:/WINDOWS/fonts like you normally do. However they don't seem to be saving in there, like I'd extract them then I couldn't find them in the fonts folder. I searched for them and it seemed that each font had somehow created it's own folder within the fonts folder but when I opened up C:/WINDOWS/fonts I couldn't see these folders anywhere.

I'm not too good with winzip so I'm really confused.

Does anyone have a solution?
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Hello. i was watching "America's Next Top Model" last night and Tyra Banks was the photograper and this was one of the models shots:

i was wondering how do you get that coloring? and the richeness? i know its a sepia tone.. but i do i make it look professional like? does it make sense? do i change it to black and white firsT?

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i know a similar question was posted a while ago and i've spend ages going through the mems nd backpages of posts and i cant find the post so i'm just going to ask.

if i try to screencap a DVD by pressing print screen it doesn't work. when i paste the image into photoshop or even paint the DVD just keeps playing in my screencap. it's really weird. if anyone could tell me what programs to use so this doesn't happen i would greatly appreciate it. i hope i have explained my problem properly. thanks in advance. :)

Scratch Textures

Hello, I was wondering how to make the scratch textures people are using. Mainly I am curious about whether or not they were made with default photoshop tools or downloaded brushes, or if they were photographs?

Thank you for your help.

Examples of these textures can been seen at peoplemachines in the comments.
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Photo Manip of Sorts - PSP9

After scrounging the internet for a project in search of masquerade ball pictures, I have come to realize that they are few and far between. I have PSP9, and I was wondering if there was a way that anyone knew of to place a mask of sorts on a headshot....to make it actually look like the person is wearing it. I asked a friend, and they said it would probably be some sort of photo manipulation.

Any tutorials/tips would be greatly appreciated!

hey guys

hi... okay so a long time ago i saw this tutorial for adding like text to a shirt, when it wasnt really there...but i cant ind it! does anybody happen to have the link for it? thanks so much!