October 26th, 2006


You guys were a great help to me last time, so hopefully you can help me out with this one. I'm looking for tutorials on adding rain to an icon, and also one for adding snow. I did check the memories, but I didn't see anything for animation shop, which is the program I'm using. Thanks for any help you can provide.

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*points to her icon*

I forgot how to do that sort of effect. I know it has something to do with blurring and all of that but I can't seem to find a tutorial on it. Anyone know of any that they can link me up with? Thanks!

Oh. I use PSP9.

bloody tears

hey guys... okay so my friend wants me to make her some emo icons... and i was wondering if anybody new how to add REALISTIC bloody tears comming from this eye?

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i use PS CS2 btw. and if you could show me how yours turns out (if you tell me how to do) so that i can see how it should look. thanks!
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I was wondering if any of you have ideas on how to make pretty icons with lesser-quality caps?

All of mine turn out all spotty and blotchy and gross.

Gackt, is, sexy

Help please...

Hi, I'm new here, and I have no clue how to make an icon lol....I use the systems PAINT and MICROSOFT DIGITAL IMAGE STARTER EDITION 2006. I don't have any other programs, but if anyone could give me a site to download a better program, please do...but I still need help xDD
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