October 29th, 2006

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Help with Animated icons!

Hey Evry1 well yesterday i made a few animated icons using Adobe Imageready! and i wanted to add one of the icons in Lj but it says its too large or sumthing , so i was wondering how do i make the icons Kb smaller? this is the best as i can example it !

well here is the icon!


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You may delete this if not allowed!

But, I just have a huge question... where the heck does everyone find their stock images (Like people with bright makeup) and their pictures of famous people (They look almost like paprazzi pics)?? Any help would be appreciated!
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making it only an outline

I have this image & i really need it for a project - anyways, my printer is being overly dumb & not printing yellow. (yes, i have the colour ink in & yes i have changed the modes & yes i have done everything...everything i can think of anyways)

My question is; how can you take the image & make only have an outline? Is there any easy way to achieve this?

(I basically want it like a colouring book - if you know what i mean).

I uses PS7 & i have looked over the memories, but i couldn't find anything.
Any help would be appreciated!

Thank you to anyone who can help.
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Colored brushes

Yes, I know this is a icontutorial community, but seriously I have no idea where else to ask. This is my first LJpost, btw.

I have this problem in photoshop and I wonder if you can help. When I define an image as brush, it turns greyscale. Is it in anyway possible to make these brushes colored? Or do I have to make them only imagepacks? Please help.

If it was a mistake to post here for this question, I am sorry.
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Yay, my first tut!

I've never posted a tut before, but I decided to because all the cool kids are doing it, and, to be honest, this way I know that at least I won't forget. So, here we go kids.

Go from to

Made in PSCS. No selective coloring, curves, etc. Just color layers and a saturation layer.

Collapse )

And there you have it! I would love to see what everyone came up with, so please post! Let me know if I need to clarify anything, I'm happy to help.

Rounded edges...

I am looking for a "Rounded Edge" tutorial. I've searched everywhere but can't find it. It was a certain tutorial that used large images to explain the steps (not LINKS to the pictures or with no pictures at all). As this was the only round edge tutorial that I could actually understand, I really need to find it, as I lost the link and can't remember how it's done. I use Photoshop 7. I realize this is vague, but I'm as lost as you are.

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file extensions?

Random question, if it's too far off-topic feel free to delete but I didn't know quite where to post it.

I'm using PS CS2, and I could've sworn that before I had to reinstall it, it would add in the file extensions on its own. So, if I changed the file name and didn't leave the extension in the Name box, it would still save as the extension that was selected. It doesn't do that anymore =\ If there's no file extension in the Name box, it saves as a File (not of any type). Not to mention, if I was trying to save something as a PNG, for example, but the original filename still had the .psd (the default), it would save as a psd. Did this always happen and I'm just confusing PS with another program, or is something messed up? If so, any clues on how to fix it?


edit: I just realized the part about saving as a PNG with the psd still in the filename was probably very confusing. What I meant was, if I change the filename in the Name field but still leave the .psd there (with PNG selected as the type of file to save as) it saves the file as a psd instead of a PNG. Hopefully that's a bit clearer.
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Ok I was wondering if anyone knew how you can blend two pictures together to make them look like one, like two pictures of people, i've tried it a few times but you can always really badly tell how i've done it =( If anyone could help me i would really appreciate it! Thanks, oh and i use Photoshop CS
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I've Moved.


I was trying out THIS TUTORIAL and I have a question. On step 5 it says to "Add a layer mask, set your foreground colour to black and start brushing over everything except her skin." My question is, how do you do that in PSP? Especially the foreground color part and do I use the paint brush to go over "everything except her skin?" Thanks in advance.

EDIT: Question answered. Thank you outxofxcontext!