November 2nd, 2006

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Scratch disks?

I hate to start off a question like this: I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this or not, but I was working on an icon on Photoshop 7 and I tried to crop it after doing all of the layers, but it keeps telling me that it won't finish the request because the scratch disks are full.

Is there any way to free up the scratch disks or anything so that I can start cropping again? Because this is starting to get a teensy bit annoying.
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slanting text.

I've looked through the archives and can find how to put text on a curved path in psp, but not just how to...slant it, a bit. This was really easy to do in Photoshop, and I'm getting extremely frustrated here. Please help!
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tutorial #2

here's the second of the two tutorials requested by reichi_heika; sorry it took so long, but I get distracted very easily. *headdesk*


we'll be going from this to

this tutorial is for photoshop CS2, although since it uses curves (only once) I'm not sure if it's translateable to anything but PSP.

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Loading Brushes error

When attempting to load brushes for the umpteenth time when I save it to my presets brushes folder and a different brushes folder and then go to Load Brushes, why when I click on the brush it says...

"Could not load the brushes because this file is not compatible with photoshop"

I have Photoshop 7 and the file is an abr.

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screencapping problem

Hey, sorry to bother you, but I have a huge problem:

I wanted to make screencaps today and it didn't work. I use Media Player Classics and I did it as always - while the DVD was playing I pressed "Y" to auto save the image, but there was just a pop-up saying "cannot create file"
What happened and how can I fix it?

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Sorry if this post isn't allowed in here.

...Okay, I have Photoshop CS2, and it was working fine last night. But now when I went to go use it, just about 15 min. ago, it keeps giving me this error: Unable to continue because of a hardware or system error. Sorry, but this error is unrecoverable.

Anybody know what that's about?