November 3rd, 2006


3 GIMP Tutorials

I don't know how well these translate to other programs, these are made specifically for GIMP.

Pretty picture heavy.

Tutorial #1: [HERE}
Using only color layers

Tutorial #2: [HERE]
Using color layers and GIMP curves

Tutorial #3: [HERE]
Difficult on this is probably medium as I use curves, color layers and the Filter Pack.
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I made is great blend of Nick Carter and I want to add like a broader or image brushes things but I can't find that are big enough. Can someone please tell were I can find some.

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Hi there!!! I was wondering if anyone could help me out with something? I wanted to know how to make words this:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Can someone help me? I have the program and Microsoft Digital Image Starter edition 2006...If anyone can give me some tips, I would be very grateful.

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Hey everyone, I just have a question. You know in some icons a lot of icon makers make, they have this light pinkish coloring that almost looks like a dodge brush but I'm not sure how you get it to come out that color. I've tried figuring it out myself, but I can't seem to get it. I use paintshop pro 9 so if anyone could help me, I would greatly appreciate it. thanks =)

Placing one image over another in order to create one

I know this may be an amateur question but I hope someone could point me in the direction of a tutrial for this.

I'm trying to create a background image with several images as one. Does that make sense? Kind of like a collage.

I' have both CS2 and Paint Shop Pro 9 ubt don't know how to use either - although I'm workingon it!

Any help would be greatly appreciated, not sure if this is allowed because it doesn't consist of icons - if it is I'll remove it. Just let me know   =)
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Animation question

Can someone tell me how to add this "fade + text" effect to animation? I've checked memories but most of the tutorial pics are broken so I don't know which tutorial is the right one. I use Animation Shop 3. Thanks in advance!

icon by catharsis_o_s
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Can anyone tell me how to achieve a similar coloring effect as the icons below in PSCS (or PSP8)?

; by calikalie
; by xxkitty_katexx
; by calikalie

Thanks in advance!
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saving animation

Okay, I have a problem. I want to save a mini movie icon and keep it under 40 KB. I have the description how to do it, but I just can't seem to find the most important thing of the description (this part is marked bold). Can you help me?

Description under the cut - Collapse )

could anyone make a screencap of that or so?
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my friend made something and forgot what colouring she did and would like to know how you think you'd go about making it
plus, I made an icon and forgot the colouring too. *sigh*
Could someone please help, I'd love you forever!
Thanks in advance!

EDIT :: I use PS CS

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Photoshop CS Error - Stroke

I already checked out the memories, but couldn't find a solution to this.

I use Photoshop CS, and all of a sudden I can't use the 'stroke' tool. It works for individual layers (Layer >> Layer Style >> Stroke), but when I flatten my image and select it and go to Edit >> Stroke, nothing happens.

Can someone please help me? I love my stroke tool and I want to keep it!

EDIT: Fixed! My default setting randomly got reset. Not sure how, but I hadn't even noticed before! Hehe. It's working now.
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