November 4th, 2006

[Supernatural] JP - male model

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We are going from to using Photoshop CS.

Blue Colouring

- Knowledge in Blend Modes, Saturation and Selective Colours.

- Begginers Friendly.
- Only 008 steps.
- Pictures to explaining each step.

Other icons made with the same tecnique.

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This is the first tutorial I've posted on LJ, so I hope everything goes okay. I'm pretty sure I explained everything well enough. It's quite simple, so there shouldn't be any problems. I spent a few days trying to find good coloring for Heroes and Friday Night Lights caps because they're both kind of dark, and blah. And since I found a good one, I thought I'd share. =)

PS Only: contains selective color. Sorry PSP users. I'll be in your shoes again in a few days though, since my trial is coming to an end.

( you can be a hero, heroes do what's right. )
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Photoshop CS2 - text error

[edited, because I completely misunderstood what was wrong before]

My text seems to have arbitrarily resized itself - six pt is now huge, about the size twenty pt should be. Looking through the memories got me a similar problem which was resolved by changing the resolution, but that doesn't seem to have any effect at all on my text size. Is there anything else that could cause this?

How to use Gimp

 Hey guys!

For my computer assignment I have to manipulate an image using Gimp...problem is I have no idea how to use it! I am extremely familiar with Photoshop, but not with this program. I tired to do what I would with photoshop...but its not working, lol!

I searched through the archives, but there is nothing for basic beginners. I was wondering if anyone can't point me in the direction of a "how-to-use-Gimp" sort of tutorial, any help is very much appreciated.

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I was wondering if anyone could give me a few pointers on how to create a ripple effect on my graphic with photoshop. I guess I wasn't very specific, but like a distortion of the picture...I guess?