November 8th, 2006

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Hi... woo... this is my first post on here. ^_^
I use PScs2 and i'm always up for learning new things. I was wondering how some people get their text spaced out inbetween each character, it kinda looks like T H I S but seeing as im up for learning new things is there a way of doing it besides pressing spacebar inbetween each letter?
Hope this all made sence.
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I know that papyds post a Green Colouring tutorial but was wondering if someone had a tutorial like that that one but for different colours? Does this make senses?
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i was wondering if anyone can help me? fixed! thanks maytel & plsteward
i use adobe photoshop C2S ,and im trying to save my images as .png but it wont let me, it just lets me save them as .psd, .jpeg.. but .png is better for me. so is their anyway to fix this? i tried restarting it and my whole comp.

any help is greatly appreciated!

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i have checked the meories of this and many other communities and i can't find what i'm looking for. i was hoping one of you lovely people could help me. :) i want to make a resources page and i want to post links to communities i use, with the little community pic next to them. i copy and paste it from the top of a community in the navigation strip but when i try to post it goes wrong. the link appears but so does some txt i did not type. if anyone knows what i mean and if anyone can help, please comment. thankies in advance. :)

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Selective Coloring look without selective coloring?

I'm trying to look for some links that would me to places where you can get that selective coloring look without using selective coloring. I know someone posted one before but I can't find it. You see I don't have the best photoshop, elements to be exact o_o, and I've been trying to find some tutorials that don't use selective coloring and curves. It's also appreciated if you can give me some links to some coloring tutorials with JUST raster layers. Please help. Thanks.