November 10th, 2006

A little help please...

Ok so I have seen nemerous icons with this white rectangle with little heart inside and I was wondering how I get that effect? Is it a brush or do I have to make it somehow? Here's an example:

I use Photoshop CS2. Thanks in advance!
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Icon tut

Go from to

Uses selective coloring but you can play with desaturated layers set on hardlight for the same coloring (ask if you can't get the coloring without selective color). I did it on Photoshop CS.

Catch it here
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Gradient and Gradient map in PS CS

Go from to .

A completely unfashionable icon, but I like the way the colouring turned out, so perhaps someone out there will be interested. Made in PS CS, but no Selective Colouring or Curves involved. Uses simple Gradient and Gradient Map. Easy to do, but with any luck there may be a couple of little tips that are of use to the not-very-experienced.

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Help with coloring?

I've been searching high & low for coloring tutorial like these but i can't find any! =[ Can anybody direct me or tell me how to acheive these coloring? Please & Thanks. Oh whoops!! sorry lol I use ps 7.0

Image Reposition in Animationshop Take 2

Ok I actually asked this before but never got any response. I fished through the memories but there wasn't anything there.

I'll give some screengrabs this time to show you what I'm on about.

I'll repeat my inquiry. Does anyone know how to reposition an image (about 35x100)
in an 100x100 frame in animationshop?

Here's my problem.

I'm making this icon,
As you can see I have my animation of the bell already made up, and the frames of my base underneath. You'll see a transparent gap in the base icon, that's where the animation is gonna go.

I do what I usually do and copy all the bell animation and post all 25 frames AFTER the base animation,
This is so the bell animation is in the right size frame. But as you can see, once I pasted it, the bell frames have situated themselves at the top, when I need them on the bottom.

Meaning once I cut my prior base frames, then re-paste them over the top of the bell,
it just covers the bell up.

So can anyone answer my query?
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little help

I was wondering if somebody could help me out with a special technique. I'm trying to find out how to do this (the sharpen effect);

I know how to sharpen a image (Filter>>Sharpen) but this one I kinda different. I hope you guys will understand me xD and hopefully have an answer :) Oh and btw, I'm using Photoshop 7.0

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I have been making icons for, well, not so long now.
And I have noticed many times that after I save my icons
and graphics, they lose their digital quality and become
fuzzy and distorted.

I'm not sure what it is. I use PSC2, I save all of them as
PNG files (which supposedly is the best file choice if you
want to keep the quality of the images).

Here are some examples, tell me if they look fuzzy to you because
maybe it's just my bad eyes:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

What could it be? Are there certain effects/filters/blending modes that could
cause it? Maybe using too many different effects/filters/blending modes could
cause the distortion?

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I just recently decided I wanted to make an animated icon, but to get it into Animation Shop I have to optimize it as, for instance, a .gif image. If I do that, all the layers merge, obviously, but then there's no way to animate it.
Is there an easy way I can do this, or will I have to save every frame and open them up in AS individually?
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I'm having a problem with my opacity option in Photoshop CS2. It just isn't working, plain and simple, no matter how low a number I change it to. Is there something I'm missing, or is this a bug of some sort?

I apologize if this has already come up, but I thoroughly searched the memories and Google to no avail. :[
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