November 11th, 2006

Paper Moon

My first tut - DON'T SHOOT! XD

I'm not very good at icons myself, but I was mucking about with an icon and thought I'd share the colouring. We'll go from 

this:  to this:

I used PSP 9, but it shouldn't be hard to translate; it's just using layers and colours really. Credit would be appreciated

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Tutorial for metallic sheen

Hi, I've got a question that I hope you can answer.

I can't seem to find the tutorial that gives a metallic shine on graphics and icons. I thought I saved it here in my personal memories, but apparently I didn't, and now my head hurts trying to find it. I remember seeing it around October of this year, the icon was about eye make-up to be exact. May I please ask for your help on this?

Of course if you find another one that may be relevant to my search, please suggest it too.

Thank you very much!

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Okay. I'm new in making animated icons, and I just downloaded virtualdub. I don't have a video converter, and I'm on a laptop. So downloading one is out of the question because this thing is OLD and a bit retarded.

Question is, is there any codec or decompresser or any stuff that can be done so I could use XVID files in VirtualDub...?
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. :)

avatar and icon help?

I have Paint shop pro X and I am TOTALLY lost on making avies. i've searched high and low for tutorials, and still cant get the hang of what i read. can someone guide me on how to make something like this:

into looking something like this: (with these effects)
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I just decided that I'm going to start using Photoshop Elements 3.0.. I've had it on my computer for a while, it came with a friend's drawing tablet.. I'm not familiar with it.

Is there away to apply a Color Balance layer? Am I missing the obvious, or can you not do it?

fansite look

for a while now about almost a year i've been trying to get the fansite "look" i've tried doing the lines and dots etc but it never seems to come out right and i end up getting frustrated and close everything and fall asleep so hopefully someone can help. I'm trying to get that famous effect on the top header image on most fansites. Would anyone be willing to help please? maybe its something obvious and i just keep missing it or maybe i'm overthinking it but i would appreciate any help.

i use psp 8 and examples of what i'm talking about are:

i would just get an order and ask for it to be done this way but unfourtunately i have no money :[.

Blending problems:(

Free Image Hosting at

Ok so here is the problem ( i circled it) WHNEever im trying to bledn i always get interfered with the sides off the picture! how do i delete theemm


P.S. you cna tell im a psc2 beginer with blending..
so i kinda need some help and tips
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Capping Programs

Question for you I've been using VLC on my apple for about 3 months now and I loath it...What are other Mac compatible that caps DVD's and if its able to do atuomatted caps could you let me know! In advance Thank you!
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Can anyone tell me how to change the colour on a text?
Okay this might be the stupidest question but anyway.
I dont mean change the font colour,but if you had an imagepack of a text brush & the colour was black,how can you change it to white? Or is that possible?