November 13th, 2006

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hi, i was just wondering how to make the wentworth icon below?
i use psCS2 btw.
   (if this is your icon, tell me! i grabbed it off another lj user and didn't know who to credit)

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My First Tutorial

Going from Image Hosted by to Image Hosted by

Made in Photoshop 9 CS2, uses Selective colour and curves.

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Like I said first tut so hope you like it, I've only tried it with this image so please if you try it show me what you come up with.
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ariel flounders a bird

Keeping image quality?

Ok, I know theyre tuts on reducing the image quality in ImageReady, but I cant seem to find any on KEEPING the good quality of the gif after saving it in ImageReady (7 or CS2.) Thanks for any help~
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Paper Moon

help with saving icon

I know the difference between .jpg and .png is that .png is sharper, but for some reason when I save in .png the pictures end up darker than .jpg as soon as I upload them to a web browser

.PNG:   :.JPG

Does anyone know how to remedy this so I can get the quality in .png and not have to fear the dark tint when putting them up on the net? Please, I really need help

I use psp9 by the way

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does anyone know how you could get this colouring (behind Hale)?

Free Image Hosting at

I know it's a screencap, but if anyone could help me out i'd love you! Thanks in advance :)
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Question about icon animation?

Im sorry if this doesnt go here but I have a question about animated icons. I have Jasc Animation Shop and every time I try to upload an icon I have made on that program it says that the size is too big. I make sure that the size in 100x100 but it still tells me that it's too big. What do you think the problem could be? Does anyone know how to fix it. I have even tried to resize them to a smaller size (ex: 98x98 or 92x92)
Some one please help! lol
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Question about text in an icon

I'm using PS CS and I'm not too familiar with putting text on icons in that program. I'm using a 500x500 picture and the text (Arial) looks fine when I put it on, but when I resize down to 100x100, the text suddenly looks out of focus, like seen through double vision. Is there a solution to this? I see plenty of PS icons out there with good, clear text, so I must be doing something wrong. Am I using the wrong font? (Please suggest one, if that's the case.)

ETA: I know: resize first, text last. Thanks to all those who pointed that out.

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Okays i was just wondering if anyone could help me correct the colour in the pics under the cut!! I know i saw a tut for this, featuring Clark and Chloe from Smallville but i can't find it!

I use PSPX or PS7

Thanks in advance :)

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noo! it's me again with another question. so i just made this icon , i try to upload it to LJ and this message comes up: 'Sorry, you cannot upload a userpic larger than 100x100 pixels if it is in GIF format.', so I checked the file size on adobe PS elements, and it's 100x100 exact, so I don't understand this?! Someone heeelp please, thanks in advance
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Beginner question

I've been watching this community out of interest for a while now, and I hope it's alright to pose a very basic question here, following my decision to have a go at creating an icon, followed by downloading a 30 day trial version of Paint Shop Pro (PSP Photo XI) last weekend. After some trial and error, I managed to come up with this as my very first home-made icon:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

a simple crop, sharpen, resize & add sunburst effect-picture from the application's defaults that I am quite pleased with, except for the white borders that have appeared to top and bottom of the image. These appeared after I Resized Canvas to make the image 100x100; so I went back to try and do the same through Resizing, which I was only able to do if I de-selected 'Lock aspect ratio'. The result showed no more white borders, but now the subject appeared to have gotten a long face:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

My question is: what are these white borders, and how can I avoid them in the future? Are they a sign that my cropping's at fault? How does one crop to a perfect square, if that's what's required in icon-making?