November 14th, 2006


More problems with text in icons (PS CS)

I have my icon at 100x100 before adding the text, but it's still looking blurry. I tried making a brush out of the text, but that looks even worse. Is/are there certain small font(s) I should be using? I've played around with a few so far and nothing is working out.

ETA: I think I've fixed it as much as possible; part of the problem was a white text on a black background. I had to double the text, one layer on top of another, to darken it, and then oversharpen to get it more clear.
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Probably Just Blind..

Another animation question. Okay, so I looked in the mems, and I saw something that might've helped me.. but the entry is gone, bye-bye, no more. So anyway..

I have an icon that I want to animate. It has a sword in it being unsheathed, so I want sort of a gleaming effect--that sparkle of light as the sword is unsheathed. Only thing is.. I don't know how. =\ So any help is appreciated! <3

I hope someone knows what I mean. T__T

editt: gah, oops. btw, I used Adove ImageReady for animation. =)

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I'm using PS7, but I'm not as experienced in it as I am in PSP8. What I'm trying to do is get rid of a shadow on a photograph. Does anyone know how to do this? The shadow of the swing's chain across the girl's face... that's what I'm focusing on trying to get rid of. Any help is appreciated! Thanks!

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moving gif

Can u help me how to make a gif icon , the icon belongs to cwithclosedeyes

The moving animation came from music video.
How can i make a mini-movie like this, using Image Ready...

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1# Icon-Tut

My, my, my... this is my first tut ever. Nothing special, but I like what came out with it! So I hope you like it. Enjoy! ;)

We go from to
Using Photoshop 7
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Does anyone know where I can find Filmstrip brushes, or textures, or whatever it is. Small icon sized ones and ones big enough for headers and wallpapers and stuff. Sorry, I don't have an example.

Thank you in advance!
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I recently posted two icon tutorials, both for PS and both non-translatable, if anyone is interested:



 to  or
And also an example of how to use tutorials as a guide rather than following them step by step, and the different results you can get.

john &amp; teyla

translating help?

herm_weasley posted a tutorial here that I'd like help translating - I use the GIMP (love it), and I couldn't figure out how to get the same result.

At the very least, does anyone know how I could get from this: to this ...using GIMP?

(credit to herm_weasley for both images)

Also, any help with doing 'selective coloring' things with The GIMP is very appreciated!

p.s. Mods, if this post is unappropriate, feel free to nix it.
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Need to convert animations to a format Image Ready/ Animation Shop accept? Check this site out...

Apologies if this isn't relevant - mods, please then feel free to delete - but I often see posts here to do with wanting to make a mini movie and not having the animation in a format Image Ready or Animation Shop accept.

This site is free and you can send them whatever in any format and they will convert it for you... just thought it might prove helpful to some who don't have the software downloaded, be it free or paid for, to convert


A list of what they can convert