November 21st, 2006

photoshop7 being wonky?

okay, so -- my ps7 was working yesterday, but today, it opens, states that it's loading brushes, gradients, etc., and then closes. any ideas as to why this is happening/how I can fix it?

ps. I think this may have happened before, and I think I re-installed it. but are there any other solutions?


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I really need help! If this doesn't belong here please delete it.

I am trying to find brushes of My Chemical Romance's "Helena" lyrics or death brushes relating to the video. If anyone could help me that would be fantastic!! Thank you :D
robkristen vmas


Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone can help me with how to get rain on a icon like this?
Also on how to get the rain going over and over not stopping?

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Selective Coloring

I've browsed tutorials here and I've realized that people usually have selective coloring ones which make icons have a semi-blue or semi-magenta effect. I'm wondering if anyone can make a tutorial (or reply with some tips/links) on how to make a mundane/ordinary colored skin tone to bronze/sun-kissed color through selective coloring or curves without making the background yellowish?

Btw, I'm using PS CS2.