November 22nd, 2006

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Mod Post: Rule Reminders

Hi, gang!

The holiday season is coming, and around here that generally means there are a lot more people at home with a lot more recently-gifted software, itching to go, so I thought I'd post a few reminders.

1.) This community is for how can I make..., not where can I find.... If your post consists solely of a question regarding where to find a brush, a font, etc, your post will be deleted. Please see the community userinfo for further information.

2.) It is okay to ask a question. If you want to know how to do something, you may ask, "How can I do this?" Not everything in the world has a tutorial already written for it, and even if it does, it's boring to mod a community that just links people elsewhere. I'd rather see you all asking questions and generating content. ;)

2a.) If, however, you vividly remember a tutorial you would like to use or use again and can't find it, post in tutorial_finder, not here.

3.) Please make sure to follow the rules and guidelines. Whenever I see a post that says, "I know this is against the rules, but this is the biggest community..." I become a stabby mod. The biggest place is not the right place. Do you go to Times Square every time you need a quart of milk? Didn't think so. Don't do that here.

Carry on. Happy Thanksgiving to all the American types out there. I'm a happy mod today because my office is closing at noon; keep me happy throughout the weekend by not breaking the rules, mmmkay? ;)
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Help with animation...

Can anyone tell me how to achieve the animation in this icon? I'm mostly looking for how to do the lines in the background. Using PS CS2 and Imageready (I have animationshop but it hates to work. I can try that if I need to though.)...thanks!

[I have no idea who made this icon but if you do please tell me and I'll credit]

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(no subject)

Could someone help me in getting the colouring used on these icons:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Sorry I can't remember who they're by, someone who posted a question in this community a few weeks ago. I tried looking through the entries but couldn't find it.
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I hope someone can assist me with this...All day i have been searching for tutorials on how to make them animated pixel/blinkie things people use as sigs on posts. Normally they are like glitter dolls ect...Does anyone know of any good tutorials that could assist me in my attempt to learn how to create them?

I use the fallowing programs:
PS7 and image ready
PSP8 and animation shop 3
PSP10 and animation shop 3

Thanks to anyone who can help.