November 23rd, 2006

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PSP 9, Copy merge, memory problem.

I've looked in the memories, but since I've no real idea what I'm looking for I may have missed something, if so please link me, and I'm sorry.

I use PSP9, I've used it for a long time, and today it was unresponsive when I tried to copy merge, and then when I merged and then tried to copy I got an error message [picture under the cut]. I've no other applications open, I'm working on an icon, and I've got 7+ GB left on my HD, I've run PSP with less before, I don't know how to change the memory settings as it suggests, does anyone know why this might be happening, and does anyone have any suggestions?

ETA: I have closed and reopened the program, no difference.

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tutorial: bright colouring in PSP

Ah my first tutorial, i just made a batch of icons with the same colouring so i thought i'd share
while it's still fresh in my mind. I'm not usually one for bright colouring but it just seemed to fit, so i hope you like:


icons with the same colouring:

tutorial @ amaranthaceae

help finding a community...

I apologise if this is not the place for this, but I've tried everything else I can think of so far.

I'm trying to find a community I spotted once (and thought that I'd added) in which members would showcase or spotlight the icons of a maker they really liked. Does anyone know what this is called, please?

Thank you kindly!
adriana ; smile of an angel


i know, i'm kind of slow, but how do you make like the little boxes with pictures on the side like in this picture? i've done it before but i totally forgot how -_- if anyone can help me that would be really appreciated!

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football; {badstuber}

Colouring Question....

I hope this post is ok, if not you can just delite it....

I know this isnt really an icon question but....
I was wondering if there is any way to get the Andy Warhol colouring look (examples under the cut).
I have no idea how you could do it! Mabey its really simple, I dont know...

I hope someone could mabey help me...

I have PS CS 2

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Help with this colouring?

I saw this one at the Losticons-community some days ago, dont remember who made it so i cant ask that person. So can anyone help me with this colouring?

Looks like an blue exclusion at very small opacity, together with som screened layers and such. Can anyone help me further on this one? I use Photoshop CS 2.

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Icon Tutorial #1: Mike Dirnt

Hi,my name is Tiffany...I've been a "lurker" of this community for a while now ever since I started making icons. This is my first ever tutorial that's pretty simple in my opinion.

I used PS7 but I'm pretty sure it can be translated in different programs.

We're going from Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting to Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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Icon Tutorial 1-Princess Serenity

This isn't really my first tutorial, but I couldn't remember what number I was on and I couldn't find it, nor could I check my files to see what number I was on since my hard drive crash wiped everything. :-( I think I was on 7, but I went back to 1 just to be sure.

Features Princess Serenity from the anime version of Sailor Moon.

There's about 12 different images behind the cut. Done in Photoshop 7, but should be translatable. Relatively easy, just uses lots of layers.

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In a perfect world

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Does anyone use VLC Media Player? I'm having a little trouble with it and I'd love a helping hand.

I just got it so I don't know much about anything, but my main question regarded screencapping. I went to preferences and hotkey settings to video snapshot and then video and created a folder for the video snapshot directory. Should the screencaps automatically go to the folder? Because they weren't there.