November 24th, 2006

Text on Icon?

I made this icon a while ago and can't for the life of me remember which tutorial I was following.
Does anybody know how to get a text effect similar to this one?

I use PSP9.
Thanks in advance. =)

Oh boy...need help.

I'm killin myself over here guys, and I promised myself I'd try to figure it out by myself for ONCE and not go here checkin for help.

I checked and checked but I can't find a tutorial for people with PSPx trying to make an animation icon

for example...

I downloaded Jasc Animation Shop 3 cause I thought there was someway to do it in thur-i mean there...right?

If you can help so.

Thank you in advance <33
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Aspect ratio help.

I've got a bunch of images I want to use to make a movie icon, which I capped from a .VOB in VirtualDubMod. But the program made the caps with a squished aspect ratio. I want to know if there's any way to make VirtualDub cap the images so they're not all squished? Or if there's a way to distort a bunch of images at once to fix the aspect ratio, instead of doing each one by one? I use both Photoshop and PSP, any help is appreciated.
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I've seen this texture around and I'd love to have it.

Any idea where I could locate it? And tips how on how to get the same effect?

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imagegrab problem

okay im having a problem with imagegrab that i haven't had before.

i click on the video to get the capture but when i search in the folder it's not there. infact it's not ANYWHERE. i have to manually 'save' it or hit S and then its in the folder. but i thought i didn't have to do that :\

photoshop cs help!

when i go to colorize a black and white image i do all the steps that i normally do i make a selection around the spot i want colored i feather it. do a quick mask then color it..and when im done doing that i like to erase and excess color i have..but when i go to erase it erases in the color that i colorized..i cant figure out y it does on the right tool an everything and i dont have any color selected when im on the eraser tool i cant figure out y it does that. i checked everything! if anyone can help me that would be great. thanks :)
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my icon!

god. I don't have a good memory?
my icon:

anyways! I'm trying to get that orange-old texture on my icon (like i did on my icon above), it's made by peoplemachines if someone wants to know;) (the texture) I have no idea how I made the texture kind of come on top of natalie? I mean, I can't put on any settings to make it look like that! (by that I mean, settings such as, soft light, colorburn, etc).
I use PSCS2, if you don't understand this, please ask me what I'm meaning with it. cause I'm really tired right now, haha.
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How can I achieve a crisp and clean base like the following, as well as the coloring in #1?

1-2  riseoverrun
3 wooed
Thanks in advance.
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(no subject)

i apologize if this isn't allowed. but i was wondering if anyone knew of any music/christmas themed brushes. i use ps7 & i remember seeing some, but i have no idea where to start looking.

also, i was wondering if anyone had any tips for making a (high school music) concert poster. the themes white christmas...i just don't know where to start. or even any good fonts, or whatever. (i know this isn't 'icon-y' but i really need the help)

thank you to anyone who can help. i'm really in need of some assistance.
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I hope someone can help. First off I use PSP8.

So here's my problem...suddenly and very randomly my eyedropper tool, color palette and brushes seem to be revolting. When I use the eyedropper tool to put a color in the palette, then switch to the brush tool, the color I just added reverts to the color it was previously. On top of that, in order for me to use a paintbrush, I have to have both colors identical in the color palette or else it does this wierd fading/blending of the two colors together when using the brush. I have *no* idea why this is happening and if a setting got changed somewhere I don't know how, I certainly didn't do anything like that intentionally.

Can someone please tell me what is going on? There's no presets causing it because when I clicked the preset button it was empty so...I got nothin'. Help?
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