November 29th, 2006

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I looked in the memories, but couldn't find anything about this.
I was wondering how to get the icky redness/brassyness out of
screencaps/bases? Ones that look like this:

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Also, I found a tutorial a while back that taught you how to
up the quality of low-resolution screencaps (aka the fuzzy,
pixelated screencaps) but I cannot find it. If anyone knows
how to do this, or can provide a link to the tutorial,
it would be highly appreciated.

I use PS7
6 months
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Maybe I just can't find it in the memories, or maybe I'm not looking hard enough, either way, I have a question.

I know I once found a tut to remove red-eye using something other than the "Remove Red Eye" tool on psp7. I believe it had to do with color balance, but I can't for the life of me find it.

Any help would be appreciated!!!

Looking for...

Does anyone know of a list, community or even just some recommendations of good tutorials for disney caps. I went and looked and found mostly anime tutorials but very few for more disney-like caps.

I use Photoshop CS2, but I can translate pieces of PSP tuts as well.

Any recommendations would be very helpful. Thanks!!
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Animated Icons: Help Please

I made these two icons in PS Elements 4.0.

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I did what I could to make the file size smaller but they're still too big for lj. I know that they have a lot of frames, but I really don't want to delete any. Any ideas for other ways to make the files small enough? Or does anyone wanna do it for me? :D

Edit: I gave in and just went ahead and deleted some frames. Thanks for the help. :)
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*nervous* Right, so I've never posted a tutorial here before...I hope everyone likes it! I'd link to the one in my graphics journal but it's friends-locked so it'll just be here :] Enjoy!

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