November 30th, 2006

Tutorial #15 - Flowers

I wrote this tutorial approximately forever and a half ago, but completely forgot to post it until now. Go Kimmi go.

From this to using PS7. No curves, selective coloring, etc., so it should be translatable.

Remember! Do not copy this tutorial step-for-step, change opacities, blend modes, etc. to work with your image.

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PNG's redder once saved than in the PSD

A few weeks ago, I saw an entry regarding how things turn redder after saving PNG files in Photoshop, but I went back through a months worth of posts as well as the memories and didn't find it. So I'm reposting, 'cause I've been having the same problem.

When I made that in PS, the coloring looked natural. But I noticed after I'd uploaded it and posted it on my community, that the coloring was redder than it had been in the PSD file. Is there a way to stop this?

For more examples of how red it gets, check out the Veronica Mars icons in this post. They seem to affect those icons the most.

I use PS CS.

ETA: People have suggested JPG, but when I've tried saving my icons like that, they're always too big (over 40 kb), that's why I initially switched to PNG.
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I have Paint Shop Pro 7, and just recently, it's started to have a mind of it's own and close randomly. Especially when I'm trying to do text. I'll click the little A, then click on the graphic, and then this happens. Every single time.  And I've tried it about thirty times now. Please help me.
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Icon Coloring Question

I absolutely LOVE the coloring of these graphics from Golden Day, but I couldn't find out who made them (apparently not the site owner) and I couldn't find a matching tutorial here (searching through the past 200+ posts).

Free Image Hosting at

I'd be very grateful for all suggestions. Thanks a lot.

BTW: I use PS 7.
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Animation Shop 3

Hey, it's me again *rolls eyes*

Could anyone tell me if there is a way of deleting LOADS of frames in Animation Shop without having to do CTRL and clicking on the frames and pressing "DEL"? 

Thanks for help (and hopefully this is a more better answerable question!)

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Can't remember!

I haven't made any icons for a long while (school, life, etc.), so I'm sorta rusty...

But for some reason I can't remember how I got this sorta-blurry background effect in PSP7:

I've been searching the tutorials the past two hours hoping to see if I could find the specific tutorial I learned the effect from again. For such a (relatively) easy effect, it sure is making pretty mad that I can't remember. All I know is that the effect involves layers.

This should teach me not to delete those .psp files the next time I mass produce make icons...
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Save for Web distorting colors

Thanks again to everyone who posted to help me with fonts--I think a little bit is starting to sink in! Maybe. :x So I decided to start with a simple greyscale icon with some text. It's nothing great, but I was content with it. Until I went to save. I used the "Save for Web" feature of Photoshop, and found that it really washed out my icon. o_o I took a png screencap so that you could see the difference between the web version, and the one in PS. Here.

Is there any way to keep the filesize small while maintaining the colors? Particularly notice how much lighter the greys became in the background. It kinda bugs me. @_@ Thank you!