December 1st, 2006

Narikiri Leon
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Another "I need help" post

Is there a way to fix the coloring (for lack of a better term) on nighttime-based originals?

I've browsed through the tutorials, but nothing seem to say about color correcting/editing bases with nighttime originals. The tutorials I followed through on fixing the coloring don't seem to work very well, the tuts seem geared for lightly tinted originals.

I use PSP7. Apologies if such tutorial on fixing heavy colors is in the database.
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photoshop trouble

hey guys well for some reason my photoshop is playing up , i uninstalled it and restalled it and still having trouble..

well the problem is that when i try to open a file or try to load a brush or pattern this window comes up saying .(refer to pik)

and ive deleted files i dont need and programs i dont use but that seems to come up in photoshop!

can some one help me out ???

thankz in advance

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(no subject)

I've checked the memories but I couldn't find anything specific to PSP7. I'm having a problem when I resize my pictures that I'm 90% sure I wasn't having before. Everything is good and fine when I crop but when I resize things become ... jagged? Outlines in particular. This seems to happen mostly with illustrated things, though sometimes it happens with an actual picture. I've posted some examples under the cut in case I wasn't clear enough. Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance =].

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(no subject)

I am just new, and I thought: why not share my tutorial with others. Before I became member, I followed many tutorials here, so time to give something back :P

Tutorial creating these icons:


Tutorials here

Created for PhotoShop CS, but shouldn't be too much trouble to translate it to other programmes.

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(no subject)

Recently I've been keeping note of what I do when I make a new icon and for my sake I've been putting up the tutorials in my LJ. I want to share one of my favourite colourings in one of my simpler tuts:

this:  to this:


this:  to this: 

psp9 but it should be translateable. If you use, can I see your results?

You're no good

Feel free to browse through my other tuts
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A dotted border tutorial

A border tutorial as some people wanted to know how. This is not my idea - I read how to do it somewhere but damned if I can remember where now. If anyone does know, please let me know too as I would love to pour huge amounts of credit on their creative head! NB - rather image heavy and also note I use CS2. I don't know anything about equivalents in PSP or GIMP, nor do I know if these features are available in earlier versions of Photoshop.

Making borders like this:

(Here's how)

psp8 - AS3

So I found an icon that looked like it would be fun to try to do. But when I got around to it, mine turned out a dud.

How would one go about getting something like this? (just the text)
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Simple vibrant colours tutorial for Photoshop CS

First tutorial in English, I hope it's not too confusing, since English is not my mother tongue :) Let me know if there's anything unclear, yeah? ^^

Let's find out how to go from this to !

I use
Photoshop CS
, but I don't think it'd be hard to translate.

Go over to here at my graphics community to see the tutorial! Let me know what you think? ^^
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Marking problem

Well you can mark via quick mask like a rounded rektangle tool and then just select that and i could do it before but it doesn´t work anymoore, It just selects thw whole image

I want the selected red to be selected and not the whole image if you understand

And this is what i get, but dont want to get
i just want the cirkled rektangle in the middle to be selected , but i dont know how.

Could someone help me?
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Text Question

I've looked through all PSP, AS, and full tutorial memories and didn't find exactly what I was looking for, so I have a question.

Using tutorials here and here, I have managed to make an icon (non-animated). Both tutorials are written for Photoshop, and I use PSPX, so I had mess around to translate it the best I could.

This is the icon I came out with:

The pixel text isn't quite the same as that in the tutorials, but I can live with it. However, I'm not satisfied with the large text ("love you"). Does anyone know of any way that I can make it look more like the large text in the tutorials (specifically the first one) using PSP? I want it 3D, but the bevel(ing?) options in PSP aren't the same as in PS. I ended up using an outline and drop shadow in the icon I made, don't like it though.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!
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Question about Auto levels?

Is there a way to know exactly what is done to an image when you use Auto Levels? I would like to reproduce exactly what it did to one frame in an animation to the next, but when I try to use it again on the second, the results are slightly different.

Any help is greatly appreciated!