December 3rd, 2006

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Hi. I've decided to start making icons like this [Made by:sakube_yamu] Problem is, I have no idea what to do.

I'm using PS7 and ImageReady ... so can anyone please point me to a tut? ^0^

EDIT :: Whee~ Thanks to this very helpful tut, I learned how to make animated icons! Here's what I first made ^^
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this is probably a stupid question, but does anyone know how to add textures to graphics in Adobe Photostop CS2? i know how to do it in PSP, and yet, for some reason, i just can't figure it out in PS CS2.

thanks in advance! ♥

Making Washed-Out Images Vibrant - Regina Spektor Icon

This is my first tutorial, so bear with me here ^^;

It took me an hour and a half, which is a lot of time for me, so appreciate it! Heehee.


- Requires selective color
- A bit complex in that it needs to be altered for different icons
- This is just a guide, not step-by-step instructions, so treat it as such :)
- Mainly for really really light pictures

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Tutorial 2: Blue Exclusion Coloring (Minus Exclusion)

I did not mean to post a tutorial today, but when I was making an icon for my website, I inadvertently found a very interesting way to get a coloring effect similar to that of a dark blue exclusion layer, but without the exclusion. So I decided to post it, as it could be very handy. I guess you could say this is a follow-up tutorial I posted a while back to get exclusion coloring, only that used the exclusioning.

Very simple. Done in PS7, but if it's not translatable, I'll smack myself in the head.

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I got a little (maybe very stupid) question.

I'm using PS Elements 2.0 and in most of the tut's there are spoken of  "Set to Screen...". Here my question! Since I'm using a german version of the program I couldn't found "Screen" so far!

What is it called in German???

Please help me! I'm very lost in this. Thanks.
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Screencap tutorial

Today I'm going to show how to make this icon:

from this to :

A few rules:

- Do not steal this tutorial and claim this as your own
- Don't use the same picture
- And maybe if you use it like for many graphics, it would be nice to credit me; anywhere you like



xxx Fenna
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Color Correction

I am back, my lovelies, with another tutorial- color correction! We all know that that damn blueness on the Harry Potter posters is the ANTICHRIST to us Icon/Graphic makers. So I, being benevolent and kind, decided to help! I'm not sure if this works on other posters, because this is Voldemort we're talking about, and his skin is just all wrong, man. All wrong.

using Photoshop 7, and it is QUITE TRANSLATABLE, as far as /I/ know.

(warning: images above not to scale. actual graphic = much larger)

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tutorila #4

going from this to

cap from lost-media

- photoshop cs 2
- selective coloring
- gradient layers

fairly easy for someone who knows the basics in photoshop. i don't know though, if it will translate.

I DO @ kind_of_lovely

- this tutorial is a guideline, do not follow it step by step!!
- i'd like to get feedback on this tutorial and also see what others can do with this
- feel free to ask, if something is unclear
- if you like this, feel free to friend my journal
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