December 5th, 2006

Big Help!

I have Intervideo WinDvd 5. I had been struggling get screencapping, I did read all the memories and tried do some stuffs and it wont work, it just appear blank with black when I get to Photoshop.. I would love any help to get cap the movie from DVD what the best way??



Hia every one..i was looking through icon websites and these really catched my eye attention.i want to no how to get this effect can anybody help by sending me thorugh some tutorials i will really ask the owner of these icons if i knew who they were...

its deffinately got to do with selective colour..and i abit o bluring.
helpp me please


Anyone know where i can find a tutorial for how to make textures like the first icon, and blend the colors so the picture matches the background like the second one? i know how but i dont feel like explaining it to someone /lazy.

i forget who made them, so if you did im sorry and i apologize :(