December 8th, 2006

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Problem Dragging Texture File

Hello. I just have a quick question, and I am sure it is an obscenely noobish thing to ask. I did check through the memories section trying to find it.

I have been playing around and making icons and I have an occasional problem when trying to use textures. I open the texture file and i usually drag it over to my icon and it appears as a new layer. But sometimes I cannot drag the texture file to my base/workspace or vice versa. It gives no error message or anything it just won’t let me do it and I don’t know why. I cannot copy or duplicate layers or anything with it.

The texture file is a PNG. I believe anytime I have this issue it is with a PNG file. Can someone let me know about this?

I am using Photoshop CS

Thanks very much
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Does anyone has tutors of dis 2 kind of banners???
I want to know how to make da colouring like dis 
i relly need some helps
tell me pls,if u know 

I use photoshop CS2
thx for helping and teaching me,,,

tears question

i couldnt find what i was looking for in the memories. but i want to have a teary eyed effect... and possibly having tears on their cheeks. how do i do that? im not looking for an animated tutorial. im trying to get a glossy eye effect where it looks like her eyes are watering up... and a tear on her cheek

thank you.

Wallpaper tutorial

This one was barely out of the gates this morning before I had several 'how'd you do thats' so I thought I'd just go a head and write up a tutorial for that. It's actually very easy.

Done in PS7, but should translate fairly easily.

Make a WP like this:

(Right Here)
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PS Scripts?

I'm fairly new to PS, and I've been exploring the tools. I was just wondering, does PS have scripts like PSP. I've searched it up in the Help Center, but they have scripts that are built in. While in PSP they have scripts that are built in AND allows us to create our own.

Does PS have that? If they do, how/where exactly do I click to record my own scripts?

Oh, and I'm using PS CS2
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