December 11th, 2006

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How To Remove Text From Images?

So, I have read the FAQs, plowed through the memories and cannot seem to locate an answer to my question. If this ~has~ been covered, I do appologize, because I spent about an hour looking for something relevant.

My question is this:
I use PSPX. Being that I also enjoy anime, much of what I cap (or get from the various cap comms) includes text.

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How do you remove the text from your image without having to crop that part out? If there's a way to erase it, I have yet to discover it (or just haven't figured it out yet, though I've tried).

Again, sorry if this has been covered.
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I'm taking a break from cleaning my apartment since I have a new roommate moving in and I'm going home for a little bit before she does. So I'm here and posting another tutorial. Yay? Yay.

Going from to
I'm not even going to bother with making it look like a fake cut.

This technique is great for adding fun and bright colors to your icons without making them too contrasting or bright. Play around with the Hue opacity on Step #8.

Other icons made with this tutorial/technique:

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hi, does anyone know how to create the sideways lines on this image? i use psp 7, and i know there is the 'blinds' effect but i don't know how to tilt it like this. if someone could help me that would be great. [:

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Whenever I try to do hue/saturation for tutorials it never works, it makes the coloring look really weird, even if it's just at 50.


The hue (I ment) saturation is only set at 59 yet it looks all crazy, this happens EVERY time I try to use hue/saturation or color balance, I have Psp 7 by the way.