December 15th, 2006

misc- texas!

getting rid of backgrounds

I need help- I want to make an avatar, but I want to cut the background out... I want to have just the person in the icon, I don't want everything behind him- make sense?

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I've seen several tips for that for photoshop in the memories, but I am using GIMP, and I can't seem to find which are the comprable tools to use without getting rough edges. Anyone have any tips or suggestions?

I know there's gotta be something like this in the memories, but I looked most of the afternoon yesterday and didn't find anything.

Icon Tutorial Index.

Seeing as I was skipping school, and had been meaning to clean out my favorites to get a managable way to organize my favorite tutorials. =]. If one of your tutorials is on here, and you want me to take it off, just comment and let me know. Thanks.
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Also, if someone can help me....I know it's been asked before, but it never happened to me before so I didn't really check the solution and I can't find it in the memories....but my font is extremely large. When I set the size to 10, it looks like a size 30. How can I fix this? solved! thanks!

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rotating problem

I have PSP7 and for some reason when I rotate my text it coems out all fuzzy and weird looking. It hasn't done this before, it use to just rotate the direction I wanted it all smooth, the way it's supposed to be. Does anyone know what the problem might be or how I could fix it?

Dark Pictures

Ok so lasr week I was at a concert and took some pictures (with the flash on) but the pictures still turned out extremely dark, I can't make anything out in them.

I've tried duplicating layer after layer and setting them all to Screen but that doesn't seem to work. I was wondering if anyone knew how to fix this problem. (I use psp 7, 8 or 9) thanks :D