December 16th, 2006

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Coloring in PSP7

VERY simple coloring tutorial, used best on Supernatural icons and graphics since the coloring on the show is so weird/dark at times. This is done for PSP7 but should be easily translatable.

Awhile ago I noticed that most of the promo Supernatural pics are pre the whitewash that appears on the show. It's easy to add that and in most cases fix the darkness on the caps.

We are going from these

to these.
credit: for the border on the second icon goes to absolutetrouble

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Icy/blue coloring?

Hi, I was wondering if someone could point me to a tutorial with a coloring like #14 and #23 here. (Yes, I know they're different.) Actually, any colorings similar to an icon on that page would be helpful! :) I use PS7. Thanks!
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Two Supernatural tutorials.

Couple of days ago cakeinjection asked on icon_tutorial for some help to get a good colouring on a dark Supernatural screencapture. I come up with the first result but at that day I didn't have time to write a tutorial, so here it is. [Also requested by ssspiffy] . The colouring on the second tutorial I was playing around and got it, so I decided to write a tutorial too.

Tutorial 001
We're going from to using Photoshop CS.

- Knowledge in Blend Modes, Saturation, Color Balance and Selective Colours.
- Begginers Friendly.
- Only 007 steps.
- Pictures to explaining each step.

Other Icons made with the same tecnique

Tutorial 002

From to

- Knowledge in Blend Modes, Color Balance and Selective Colours.
- Begginers Friendly.
- Only 007 steps.
- Pictures to explaining each step.

Other Icons made with the same tecnique

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Brush palette problem

Hi all!I'm new to Livejournal but have been a guest on this community for a while and have used many of your great tutorials. I hope you'll all bear with me. I've searched the mems but couldn't find anything about this problem...

I am using the programs PSCS2 and Imageready and have the same problem in both. When I select a brush normally a pop up palette is shown so that I can change the size of the brush etc. but this is not happening. Does anyone know what might cause this or another way I can adapt the sizes of my brushes?

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Alrighty, I use PS CS2 if that matters in this situation.
Anddd hopefully this isn't in the memories & faqs cause I looked and didn't see anything relevant.
And here's the cliche annoying "if this isn't the appropriate place to ask this, feel free to delete it" line.

I have a project for French in school, and part of it is to make a magazine cover. I want it to take up a whole, normal sized piece of paper, like you would use in your printer, whose dimensions are 8 1/2 by 11, if I'm not mistaken.

So, would
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be the correct thing to choose?
It seems really big to me, but  I don't know what other dimensions I would use.
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This is probably a really simple question, but:
Whenever I want to erase the background of something, and it's not white, I can't do it. I mean, it looks choppy and awful and I can't seem to fix that. The lasso tool is not very helpful because I don't have a very steady hand, and the magnetic lasso sometimes doesn't go where you want it to, and isn't very accurate.

examples (mine):

But I want mine to look more like these:

burymyregret and calikalie
and this (credit newkidfan) and this (credit glowinglogos, and it's shrunken because of photobucket) they're larger and you can really tell.

Help please? Any tuts or tips?
I use PS7, if that makes a difference.
Thanks in advance!
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Selective Coloring in PSP 8?

Hey everyone! Just had a quick question, hopefully someone will be able to help.

I'm using PSP 8, and I'm trying to complete a coloring tutorial used in PS. So far I have been able to translate all but one of the steps. There's a step that involves "Selective Coloring" and I can't find this under my Adjustment layers. If there is a way to do this is PSP, or something similar, any advice would be very appreciated!

Thank you!

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Question. I make so many icons but it a pain in butt to save each one. Is there an action to do this? I made one but it keeps saving the icon under same name. Like it replaces icon already there with the action saved.