December 22nd, 2006

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I have been downloading movies (Like music videos, stuff like that). Well, I downloaded the Mpg file. When I go to preview them, they open them up screen shot by screen shot (great for mini movie icons!!!) in animationshop. Well, when it's done, and I try to open it, it says that the file is too large... or something like that. So... in that case, how do I open them? (I have tried in image ready, buuuuuuuuuut I am still pretty new to that, so we won't go there) Should I download a different file format?

And another question. I'd like to make my own screen caps, but doing it my way (Which is a very long and hard way... I stop the movie where I want to start capping, then I press the print screen key, copy, paste, crop... then I continue doing that until all is screen capped.) doesn't work... so what's your best advice? I'd like any advice to help me get seamless mini movie icons.
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How i made this icon? 

A lot of people asked me about it, these new style and how I choose the brush, crop, texture, text.... I´ll try to help but forgive me if I make any mistake! English isn´t my primary language.

*To understand this tut, you have to know the basic about PS, ok? But feel free to ask me anything!

Using: PHOTOSHOP CS2, Textures, brushes, blend mode, selective colours (optional).


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Animation tut help!

Hi there! First time poster!

Question is: Does anybody have an animation tut for a flickering candle animation? I have checked the memories and the only tut out there deals with AS. I have PSCS and Image Ready. I've tried the tut but I had a hard time converting it to the program I am using it. Would anyone help or refer me please to a tut they know?

Thanks much in advance!
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ok.. I'm sure there already is a tutorial for this.. and I tried my best but I didn't find it.. so..
can anyone please give me a tutorial for this Icon:

[credits go to joyceandou if I'm right ~~]

I'm using Photoshop CS2..

thanks in advance and merry christmas ^^
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black/white -> color (coloring manga & more!)

This is a pretty easy-to-follow tutorial made in PSP7, but should work for any PSP and PS system. If you're having problems just ask and I'll clarify what to do in your program. :]

1. This tutorial was made up 100% by me. I taught myself how to color by fooling around in PSP and messing up, and continuing to fool around until I got it right. In other tutorials you might read different steps or ideas on how to color; these can all be right. What matters when you color is what you feel most comfortable with. :]
2. I made this on a laptop which = no mouse. D: If you're on a desktop it'll be more accurate and precise.
3. If you redistribue the tutorial, please leave a link back to this page or my journal (anticyclone). Please link others to this tutorial if it helped you!
4. Request more tutorials here. ♥

We are going to go from:

This to

( Go! :DD )

Animated icon thingeh.

Hi guys. :) I need help with something. XD Okay, this is going to be *really* hard to explain but I'll do my best.

There's this kind of icon I've seen before. (I really wish I had an example, but I can't find one.) It's animated, but it's really just two pictures. It shows a picture of one person, and then there's sort of a blurry transition in the middle, and then it shows another person, and then maybe a text frame or something.

I hope someone knows what I'm talking about. XD Anyway I was wondering if anyone had some sort of tutorial on how to do this sort of icon? I'm good with the whole animation part, but I just need to figure out how to create the frames with the blurry transition.

Well...if anyone has any idea what I'm talking about, or even if you don't have a tutorial but you do have an icon like this, could you comment please? XD

Thanks so much guys. <33

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Coloring Help

I was wondering if anyone knew how to achieve these colorings?:


Well mainly just the first since the second one is probably just hue/sat-ed up.
I use PhotoShop 7. I know the maker most likely used selective coloring, color balance, and hue/sat. Also, I don't know who made them (or where my sister found these at. don't think it was LJ.) so that's a no go. I tried using a light green and putting it on sat but it didn't work out all that well. Any ideas or tuts that could help? I've been through lists of tuts but still haven't found the right kind.

Probably a repeat; but I'm sorry

I think this might be a repeat; but I really don't want to go searching through the hundreds of tutorials I have on the 5 bookmarked pages of tutorials I have under my favorites, nor do I want to search pages of this community for the answer.

Sooo.. on to my question. Normally, to make an icon pretty, I either use textures or use the base and use different layer modes to make it look real nice.

But now, I'm kind of getting off of textures and wanting to make icons pretty without them.

Like I start with this picture: (Not screencapped by me)

And make this icon normally:

 (Yes, that is an icon made by me XD)

But I want to do something more (with the colors) like this or these

Would any coloring tutorials help, or do I need to take my own screencaps for the images to come out better? (Cause I can take my own screencaps; though sometimes the coloring isn't always that much better than the ones I find on or; it all depends on the episode)

Or do you think it'd just be best how to ask the creator of those icons?

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