December 23rd, 2006

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[Mod Post] Happy Holidays...

Happy Holidays, gang.

I have thought long and hard about this. Knowing from previous years of modding experience what kind of a zoo this place is the day after Christmas, when everyone's got their brand-new copies of whatever under the tree, I am going to put the community on moderated posting for December 25th & 26th. I may extend it until January 1st; time will tell.

The reason for this is to encourage new members (and some older ones) to read the FAQ and check out the memories before they post. I can nearly guarantee that at least twenty people on Christmas Day will want to know why their font is so small, and I'd hate to ruin the community's good cheer that way. ;)

In the meantime, we'll approve and reject posts from the queue in small increments for a couple of days.

Go forth and make graphics!
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Icon Tutorial #6 - Tifa Lockhart (FF7: Advent Children)

Despite the fact that I have a lot of things to do today, I made a new tutorial! ^-^ This is my... heh I can't even count. XD This has got to be my sixth tutorial... maybe?

We'll be going from here to . :D Yes, we're using a tutorial featuring Tifa Lockhart of Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children. ^_^ The level would be pretty easy, unless of course you're not willing on using a lot of textures, or expirementing. The program I used is once again, Adobe Photoshop Elements 3.0. I am serious, I love that one way better than 7.0. XD 7.0's just sitting here... I don't know why, I'm weird. XDD;

Anyhow, click the cut and let's begin! :3
( Click for the tutorial! :D )

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hey I was wondering if anyone knows where I can find the little square boxes like this  and
and where I can find the background like this  and 1 more lol

how do i make it like a glowing effect on the words like this ?

all made by rory_tutorgirl

Thank you so much if you can help.
' jules
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Sup icon_tutorial? Recently my Photoshop crashed and I lost all my loaded brushes. Fortunately, I've got the .abr files saved, but what I'm wondering is... is there a way to batch load all my brushes instead of loading them one by one? I realize it's a long shot, but it would be so helpful.

To keep this post kosher, I whipped up a tutorial! Yay.

From to

Located at my icon journal. Includes selective coloring & curves.