December 26th, 2006

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Four Colouring Tutorials

Four full colouring tutorials at my journal.

Also, I mention this at my journal, but I'll state it again here as well. I've been thinking about making some tutorials that are more guide-like and less "duplicate this...colour burn that...use these selective colour settings" but I need to know what people are looking for. I know that there are already some amazing guides for curves and the like, but besides that? Selective Colouring? Colour Balance? Etc.? Or something completely un-colour correction related, perhaps? And by guide I mean more along the lines of explaining how the tools work and less "do this or that and finished!". Feedback wanted! Thanks.


I looked around and didnt see a tutorial for this effect, so i figured i would make one. I had posted this at a different communitiy but i figured it's not just a psptutorial since it's animation shop. so yeh.

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I was wondering if anyone knew what options I needed to change to be able to screencap in Windows Media Player, because I'm sure it's possible as my last computer could screencap.

I've already looked through the memories and they all seem to be about other screencapping programs.

Thanks in advance!

Fix the Coloring

I checked the memories and there aren't really any tips on what to do with screencaps that are yellow. Do you guys have any advice on how to fix the skin of a person if it is too yellow? Or do you have any tutorials to help out with fixing the yellow problem? Thanks in advance!

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Help with PhotoShop 6.0 (shadow effect)

Yes, I'm one of those newbies prophesied by etoilepb for crowding the journal right after the holidays.

I'm a novice at icon-making, and I was playing around in Photoshop 6.0 with my vacation pictures to create icons. I used the magic wand and played around with it and managed to achieve a 3-D effect with the shadows to make something like this become this

but the sad part is I'm not sure what I did exactly to get there. And now I want to replicate it but I can't. Any idea how I can emulate the same effect?

And I don't even know how I managed to make the second picture darker than the first. How can I make the Sacré Cœur brighter while preserving the color of the background sky? I took that picture right after sunset and I really love that particular shade of blue.
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