December 29th, 2006

POTC - Captain Jack - Pirate

[Mod Post] Guidelines for tutorial writing; community rules refresher

Folks, many of you have noticed (and complained about) some of the same trends I have noticed in this community over the past several months. I'd like to clarify what a tutorial is, and what the point and purpose of our community is.

If you simply write a laundry list of actions, you are not creating a tutorial. A true tutorial will not just list the what of your image, but will touch on and hopefully explain the how and the why. You are not helping very many people when you say "Put this color layer on soft light at 60%," because every image is slightly different. You are helping people when you say, "I used this color on this blending mode BECAUSE of how the color in this layer interacts with the color here and here in the base. I chose this blending mode BECAUSE it works in this way, and will cause this effect."

The point of this community is to teach the use of tools and the theories behind their use. We do this in two ways: by answering the questions users post, and by creating tutorials for users to follow. Either is a valid way of learning, as the comment threads in a question post can often be quite informative.

No tutorial is "against the rules," and I will not delete them unless they lead to a locked journal, or encourage some kind of activity against the community rules or the LiveJournal TOS. However, this community is eventually going to reach 20,000 members*, and with a population that size I implore each and every one of you to exercise some personal level of quality control. Before you post a question, look for the answer in the memories. Before you post a tutorial, think: "Am I really adding to anyone's body of knowledge with this?"

It is not "time to write a tutorial" in the community when your icons are popular, or when someone says that color is really pretty. It is time to write a tutorial when you decide you want to teach, and take all the responsibilities that come with it.

A few other reminders:

  • It is okay to post both questions and tutorials in a language that is not English. Just give some indication of what the language IS so it can be properly archived.

  • Only posts made in this community will be archived. This has primarily to do with posters too often locking journals, changing journals, changing content, etc.

  • Rampantly breaking rules and then tacking on a tutorial "to keep the post kosher" still counts as rule-breaking. It also really irritates your mod. Don't make your mod a petty despot.

  • Please use the default font size and color when posting to this community. Not only is there the community layout to consider, but each and every member has a different friends' page layout. If you force a certain size of font or color, a lot of people simply cannot read your posts. The place to use tiny trendy pink type is on your personal journal, not here.

The community rules, while still accurate, are due for a clarity revision, and they will be revised in early 2007. However, that does NOT mean that they are inaccurate, or that they do not apply to each and every one of you. Please read the user info page every few months. You might be surprised what's in there.

Thanks, gang.

*At the time of this initial posting, we are over 17,300.

Help With Customizing a Brush

Hello Friends!

Let me start off by apologizing in advance for breaking any rules -- pretty sure I read everything before I posted so any rules I break will be completely unintentional.

So I use PS9 and I was following some instructions to try to make Collapse ) brush and it's not going so hot. I've followed all the settings and it looks nothing like that.

Here's what I have put on the Brush Palette:

Brush Tip Shape:
Hardness: 100%
Spacing: Checked, 25%

Other Dynamics:
Opacity Jitter: 0%
Control: Pen Pressure
Flow Jitter: 0%
Control: Pen Pressure

Airbrush: Checked

Mode: Normal
Opacity: 100%
Flow: 100%

And the brush still looks like the preset...I'm ripping my hair out here, people! Help will be loved and worshiped and the whole works.

Thank you!