December 30th, 2006


color question

i have been searching for the quite a long time on how to get the color on these icons:

the first two are from icon_voodoo and the third is from outdrive
i asked both of them, but they never replied. so if anyone can point me in the right direction on how to obtain these, it would make my day.

i use photoshop CS2.

Paper Moon

22nd Tutorial - for Basic Beginners

Moved from My Journal

this: to something like this: If you use, can I see your results?

FIRSTLY: I want to emphasise the fact that this will be as BEGINNER friendly as possible. Know what that means? Lots of blah-di-blah! Hope you have the patience to read through this, everyone, because it's not only for my benefit ((I have a poor memory)) but yours too. I'll try to explain why I used certain colours and why I chose the settings, as well as how to go about the "basic" steps that beginners don't often get told ((like how to duplicate a base; do you know how long it took until I tracked down what everybody meant by the phrase?)). I'll have diagrams under links when I can, but unfortunately there won't be caps of the actual appearance of the icon in the transformation process ((get that? XD)); when I was making it I wasn't paying much attention to capping them, and if I remake that icon for a third time I think I'll go mad ((yes third; had some animation problems in my original one, but the second one turned out all right; plus I was able to undo some steps in order to manipulate a still shot to get the end result ... icon ... thing ...)).

Moving on ...

SECONDLY: As stated in my "befriend me" post in my journal ((as no one reads it I might as well tell you what it says)), I use PSP 9 unless stated otherwise. HOWEVER the other PSP versions are somewhat similar ((with the exception of accessing a layers table [so I hear] which I'll discuss later on)), so it shouldn't be too hard to follow ((particularly if you take the time to look at the diagrams)). PS users, I don't use "selective colouring" as we all know PSP doesn't have selective colouring; it's just block colours in the "#whatever" fashion. I will, though, write down each Red, Green and Blue indications for each colour so that you can get a colour similar to what I use - HOWEVER originality is always best ((this goes to everyone)) and so it's better to tweek the colours and settings to fit your icon, so although I'll give you a rough estimate of colours to use, don't try to be accurate to the letter as you may end up with something that looks like a blob of vomit.

Now, are you ready?

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Looking for posts

Some time ago one clever member posted 2 (or more) tutorial indexes, with the resulting icons as links.
I meant to add those posts to my mems, but appearently didn't.
If anybody out there has, could you give me directions? Thanks in advance! :)

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hi, i have downloaded VLC media player to screencap, the problem is i can only screencap one image at a time. is there any way of setting it so it will just cap it for me? thanks in advance. :)

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In an effort to adhere to the mod post from a few days ago, I edited my most recent tutorials (which have so far only been posted at my icon comm) to include my reasoning behind each step, and to explain some of the different layer types in more detail. I'm hoping these will be more helpful than some earlier tutorials that only included the steps taken to get to the final result.

From to

here @ lucide_icons

From to

here @ lucide_icons


Ok this isn't a tutorial or an icon related question but, my photoshop is being a hag now. Can anyone help?!

Ok well you know how when PS starts up it loads everything? Usually it took abount 40 second for it to load everything & load up. But ever since about 6 pm today, the main screen loads in about 20 seconds at super speed. When it's done it not responds (usually it does that) then just x'es out!

I tried jumping from imageready, but it says "Cannot perform action, Photoshop not responding." But it was closed! So i have no idea how it could of done that.

Can anyone help? Because if i have another hour with PS i will kill myself. (jp on last comment =])
my olympic bbs

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Quick question:

to all of those who make animated icons, what program do you use to screencap? I've been using ImageGrab for the past week (haha, has it been that long?) and it's starting to go crazy on me. Basically, I want a screencapping program that allows you to take screencap for every couple of frames.

Like this:

Free Image Hosting at

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