December 31st, 2006

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I just DLed the VLC player, and it works amazingly. But... How do I make it to where I can cap a lot of frams at a time? Right now, I can only cap one screen at a time, which kind of defeats the purpose of dling this item.


A few nights ago, I've spent more than 5 minutes trying to figure how to put a border around my siggy. I've tried to stroke it, expand my selection(That's how usually borders are made in PSP), and then I clicked on "border" under Selection-->Modify(?) & still nothing. How exactly do I add a border in PS CS2? You know, those 1px blue borders, ect.
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Hey guys, quick question. Usually, when I screencap I use PrintScreen, and it catches a frame of a video fine. But now, when I paste the screen in Paint, the video keeps playing. I've had this problem before, but it stopped on its own, but it started again. Any idea on how to fix it?

Thanks in advance <3.
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PSP: TEXT: Justifying?

I've looked at the memories, and I couldn't find anything to answer my question, it was mostly about tracking and kerning. So if I've missed something I apologise.

In word etc, it's possible to make your text justified (I think that's the right term, where it's all in one block, with straight edges) is it possible to do this in PSP?

I've tried highlighting the text and clicking what looks like the justified block in the alignment section of the text bar but it doesn't have any effect. I use PSP9, any help would be appreciated.
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Light Effect in PS7?

Mems provided much enlightenment of other kinds, but not the answer I was looking for. Would anyone have any idea how to get this effect in Photoshop7?

It's the red glow on the icons I'm having trouble emulating. :)

(icons by carol_186)
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