January 1st, 2007


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this might sound stupid, but i was wondering if photoshop elements 5.0 has selective coloring. I couldn't find it and everybody seems to use it in their icons now... I just wanted to play around with it.
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Help?! Blur effect?

I've seen this blur effect used on many icons by now, and I'd like to know how to achieve it:

First two icons made by the lovely aiken_4graphics , the last made by the wonderful lacrym0sa . 

I've asked the makers but haven't been given a response, so hopefully someone here can reply!
I use GIMP, if that helps, but any and all information will work!

Selective color tutorial & capping DVDs

I bring a...TUTORIAL! :D

Go from to in PS Elements 3.0. Selective coloring, so no translatey. Sorry.

PLUS: Stay tuned after the tutorial for capping DVDs using the Printscreen key! How to do it without any special programs--OR black boxes! On next, after Selective Color Tutorial. (XD Just scroll down to the bottom, it's right after the tut.)

Over here at my icons journal.

Photomanipulation Tutorials?

I'm looking for a photomanipulation tutorial I've seen...I believe it was a tut for a manip with Draco and Harry from Harry Potter.
I'm planning on making a manip for my best friend, and I need a tutorial to help guide me along this process. :]

This tutorial I mentioned or any other good manipulation tut is greatly appreciated!

Thanks! :D
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I have a question I use psp8 and I see tutorials say to use Hue saturation master color choice
like blue 56
then green 12 and stuff like that I hope somebody understands thank you!