January 2nd, 2007

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curves layer

i have a question. i made an icon using a curve, and i want to make another icon the same exact way, but i cant remember the points on the curve layer. is there any way to recover what they were? (using Adobe Photoshop CS)

if this is breaking any rules or it has been posted before, i am extremely sorry. you can just tell me and i'll delete it. thanks :)

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love bars tut

Hey, sorry to ask here but I'm searching for a love bars tutorial. I have trouble with the spaces between the pics....
So I wonder if anybody here knows a tut for love bars.

I looked around in some communities and tried over search but I couldn't find something :S

Thanks for advance for help. And sorry for bugging you.

Oh, I use PS7.

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I recently had to move all of my files to a different hard drive on my computer. All of my scripts were moved too, but they're just files in a folder now. They used to be on that drop down list and I'm not sure how to get them up there.

I use PSP 8.
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2x Tutorials!

Originally made for my buddies for the holidays--but I forgot to cross-post it everywhere And wreak havoc with it so...here you all are, in case you're interested! C:

The first tutorial (Featuring Ampharos, from Pokemon) is focused on making things brighter and giving off that 'sparkly' look. Its focus is on gradients and light textures.

The second tutorial (Featuring Ayumi Hamasaki, in her music video "momentum") is exclusive to Photoshop users because it uses Selective Coloring. Admittedly, I'm not the greatest at that, but this tutorial enhances the blue and makes it brighter. It also touches slightly on brushing, and rotating a brush to make it look "natural".

It's not that much "explain-y" but if anyone needs help I'll be glad to answer questions. :o

Go from to


Go from to

And there's also a banner tutorial included there as well. But this is an icon tutorial community. So I'll refrain from explaining that. xD;

Please be aware! The tutorials are all IMAGE HEAVY. I can't stress this enough. All the little 100 x 100 icons gathered up into one page can be very deadly. Especially on my computer.

Follow the link to see~~!

Thank you all in advance. c:
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Bright colouring tutorial :)

From this Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting to Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Requested by darabelle. Done in Photoshop 7. The last two steps involve optional Selective Colouring (without it, this is your final product). So PSP users – feel free to try it out, but be aware that you won’t be able to do the last two steps. Sorry! Requires knowledge of Colour Balance and Adjustment Layers, and includes a touch of Curves.

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need some help:)

I just got Photoshop CS2 yesterday, so I'm kinda new to this all...
And I've got this silly problem:) I tried to make an icon, but not from some picture, completely new one.
So I've chosen some background and tried to insert text, but it just didn't work... Then I tried to open some picture to do some other icon and I could insert the text just fine...
So when I'm trying to do new icon the text thing just somehow doesn't work, the stuff I write is written instead of the name of layer...
Anyone knows what this might be?:)
And if this is not the right place to ask, I'm sorry.

Oh, and English is not my first language, so sorry for any mistakes:)
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Coloring question!

Hi, it's the first time i'm posting here, so i'm not really sure if i'm breaking any rules here, but i've seen other people asking about coloring tuts and so on, so i guess it's okay?

I've been looking through all the memories, but i couldn't find anything similar and even if it did look like it would turn out the same way, i've tried it and it didn't work.
I've been trying to get this kind of coloring for months! So I would really appreeciate it A LOT if someone helps me.
Btw, I've asked the maker, but she hasn't answered.
I use PS7.


Oh, and these are made by Snubbly

Thanks! :)
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Icon Tutorial

In this tutorial, you will learn how to go from to .

This is my first tutorial. I wrote down the steps as I did them, so I apologize in advance for any confusion.

This is a relatively long tutorial, and fairly difficult, but I think I did a good job of writing down the steps, and most people should be able to follow along without great difficulty.

This tutorial is created for Photoshop CS. I've never used CS2, but I assume it's fairly similar where my tutorial is involved. Older versions of Photoshop can probably follow along too.

(Tutorial behind fake cut)
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Can anyone tell me how to do a 'circle' in PSP8
This is probably rhe stupidest question.....EVER lol but I just cant figure it out

& seeing as Im really bad at explaing...heres a sample.

Its the way that theres another circle overlapping his face if you see what Im talking about?

Collapse )

credit : deathbydarling

(no subject)

sorry if this isnt allowed but im kinda desperate. For two days now I've been looking for a heart brush that actually works. I have Photoshop CS2 and nothing seems to work. All other brushes I found while looking for a heart brush are working just fine. ._. if someone could help me out i'd be more then grateful.