January 3rd, 2007

Icon Tutorial #6 by vands88 - For Beginners

Very simple tutorial on how to get your basic icon from a rather boring base in Photoshop Elements (may also be transferable to other programs). It’s designed for beginners, because experts will probably already know how to do this blindfolded, but feel free to have a go anyway!

From this: To this:

This is my first attempt for a tutorial for absolute beginners so forgive me if I don’t explain things well! Feel free to ask questions, and if you’ve tried it out, I'd love to see what you achieved. :-)

Tutorial here
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(no subject)

Just came here to ask for these two brushes. I have been looking for them for
ages. I am wanting to find the images for PSP so i can ulpoad them as brushes.

This is the Image

I also wanted to know how to get the image effect (the grainy blue effect,
with the dots)

present and dangerous //;; agent carter

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Hey, ok so I was looking through the archived posts to try and find some help, but either I missed it, or it isn't there. So here's my question: I have Adobe Photoshop CS2 on a Mac. I want to download and save new brushes, but it automatically goes to my desktop. Where/what do I need to open to save them so I can access them in Photoshop? Thank you!
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Nick dark genius
  • barush

How to save an animation?

 I've made my first animation with Photoshop CS2 but I have no clue how to save it as "gif" or "jpeg" format...
When I click save or save as it allows me to save it only as photoshop format...
I'll be grateful for any help:)
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F Iero
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(no subject)

Hello everyone :) I hope I'm allowed do this

Okay I'm having a problem with my Photoshop CS.
I received it off a friend as a present{new} but when I try and open it it says

'Could not complete your request because of missing or invalid personalization information'

Now,seeing as its new,its obvious that it doesn't need to be repaired or anything like that.
Did any of you have a problem like this before?And if so how did you fix it?
Please,Im desperate :P

(no subject)

I have no idea if this'll work... I'm a total newbie :P

I use photoshop elements 5 and I'm wondering if there are plugins available. Like selective colouring mainly.

Thanks to anyone who can help :D
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