January 5th, 2007


Warming Colors

As I promised, my darling, here are two tutorials that are quite old, perfectly translatable and with colorings that are traditional, but very effective still. They use extremely easy-to-follow steps, except for the second one which has some curves involved ( but not big deal ). Let's see what they can do?

Tut #1: Hermione Granger ( warm colors )

from this to this

Tut #2: Alan Rickman ( dense yellowish )

from this to this

( follow the rabbit into the fake cut! )
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(no subject)

Hello, this is my first time posting here and I really hope someone can help me.

I am using PSP8 and have used it for more than 2 years. Am not exactly a beginner, but not a real pro. Somewhere in the middle, but know most of the program. So, my question is [are]:

How to achieve such effects in PSP8?

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Thank you for your help.
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I need help turning a very red image into one of normal colors. I spent 2 hours last night trying to manage it, but nothing was working. I tried color balance, curves, gamma correction, levels, but nothing looks right. I looked through the memories but the only one addressing a red image left it looking really blue, and I don't want blue, I want it to be normal.

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Please and Thank you!
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Layer Mask..dont work ..:{

so my layer mask dont work.I dont why...I`ll show you a picture.I make everythin as it should be ..but..nothin.:|
p.s please excuse me for my broken english but i am from bulgaria :|

so about my question..I tryied to change the colors of my brush but it still doesnt work.:{ 
here is the picture of my photoshop .. :| 
i hope you will understand what I try to say... :{ 
thank you in advance
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(no subject)

i thought this would be okay to post in here seeing as in the mems there are refrences to making icon textures etc.

i was wondering if anyone could tell me where to find a tutorial on how to make scratch textures such these;


(i have looked through ample icon texture communities etc. yet didn't find any relevant tutorials)
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Text Pathways in PSP7 (Curved Text)

Alright, I checked memories and I've read some explanations about curving text in PSP7 but I just can't seem to figure it out.

I don't have any attempts to show you, but I find it much more difficult to make a pathway for the text to follow in PSP than in Photoshop.

(I don't have Photoshop, but I know how to do it. Had I obtained PS I would've used that instead...)

So does anybody have a good explanation for curving text in PSP, or is anyone willing to create a detailed tutorial?

Thanks, if successful- this will solve many year-long frustrations for me!
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Icon Tutorial
2nd by some_kat

I'm a bit surprised that so many people found my last tutorial useful. If I get another response like I did last time, I may make this a monthly thing. Y'know, one tutorial a month, yeah?

Since a lot of people were hoping to see another one from me on my last tutorial, I've put together another series of experiments that you can try. I've picked up one or two new ideas since the last tutorial, so just bear with me this time, eh?

I'll show you how to go from:


Experience: Beginner to Interimediate // Basic Photoshop skills needed // Previous Tutorial knowledge
Program used: Photoshop 7 (TRANSLATABLE)
Sources Included

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Hello all--I'm trying to figure out how to make an icon like the one below with the little light bubbles--I'm assuming you use textures--but I'm having difficulty:

a.) finding a texture like that.
b.) figuring out how to use texture/save them.

I have Adobe Photoshop CS2 on my Mac. So if someone could please help me I'd appreciate it. I've been through the help archive here, and on a few other sites and on photoshop itself. Please help me! Thanks!

**The icon above was created by: mowd_icons**
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(no subject)

Hello i woud just like some help using photoshop 0.7 i just would like help figuering out pretty much the basics like sizing it to 100x100 and some colouring things aswell i would really love some help thanks :)