January 9th, 2007

Anne Dare

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Hello! I've looked through the archive and can't seem to find an answer to my question. If I've missed it then please forgive me.

I use PSP9.

I made an icon which I now want to edit but stupidly I merged the layers and saved it.

Is there any way to unmerge (or is that demerge..?) my icon? Remaking it is not an option as I have no idea what I did in the first place *headdesk*

I'd be ever so grateful.


EDIT: Got my answer. Thanks for the quick response guys and gals.
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some gainsbourg

(no subject)

just curious if there's some way to make a screen cap appear better quality, like a photo. i find it hard to make graphics with screencaps as their quality is quite low and they appear too dark.

any help would be nice & apreciated

Icon Tutorial

Hi, thisd is my first post her, because I'm not so god in english.
But now someone ask me in my journal how i make this:

than this:

and than this:

I try to make a Tutorial (not my first one)
The first I try a bit english and i have mage so much screenshoots, I think it helps a lot!

If you want click here

Hope you'll like it
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chuck | always choose u

Tutorial #2

Hello everyone!
I have soo much free time that I even wrote a tutorial! Can you believe that!? ('cause i can't :P).
It's a "Selective Color" tut, yeah, I know how much we digust this, but it turns out real nice.

Tutorial #2
Type: Selective Color
Steps: 4
PSD File: No
Programe: Photoshop 7

tutorial HERE @ my journal

kh; love birds

Animation help.

I recently got PS CS2 a few days ago and I am still testing the waters. I already own ImageReady, PSP7, PS6 & AS 3. I've only used IR once for a sliding icon and that's it. Other than that I stick with AS3. I've tried a little in the animation dept. in IR but it ends up looking more like a blinking instead of a smoother transition. I'm trying to figure out the animation part of this icon:


Can anyone point me in the right direction.

Help with a photo

I have a bunch of photos I took that I want to make look...better. A few examples can be found here

what would you suggest?

I want it to retain it's photo quality - I don't want it to look like it's been color-touched, but I want something to make them look better.

(no subject)

not sure if i can post this here since it has nothin to do with icons but it does have to do with coloring.

id like to know how to get coloring like this

(i seriously dont know who made it. its been in my photobucket for ages)

just like red or blue over a picture ya know? ._. if someone could point me in the right direction (tutorial or community like if i should post somewhere else)

I use PS CS2
Lady Lola - Reign

(no subject)

Hello all! I was wondering if you could help me. I've sen a bunch of icons lately with a blood/ink spatter brush/gradient/texture thing and I was hoping someone could point me in the direction of finding some and/or a tutorial of making one? I love the effect and would love to use it. I use PS 7.0 if that helps any. Thanks in advance!
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