January 10th, 2007

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Question: How to make people look fatter/thinner in PS

Hi everyone,

I have a question concerning how to make a person look fatter or thinner in photoshop. The person should still look natural, is it even possible to do something like that ? And not only the head, but the whole body ! (so that the person itself looks like a fat or a very thin person)
Is there a way or a technique that allows you to do this ?

Thank you very much in advance !!!

(P.S.: I´m using PS version 8.0)
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I am a constant lurker of this community, and I finnaly built up the courage to ask a question (that I have not found an exact answer to.)

How is it that one makes an icon like this:

With the transparent parts, either in Photoshop 7.0 or CS2?

I thank you.

(icon credit goes to btm icons)
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red eye removal

i've looked in the memories but not found anything that helps just get rid of red eye.

so how would i go about doing that? the picture is pretty grainy, & none of the details are that sharp, if that makes a difference.

i use PS7.

thank you :]

EDIT: thank you to who replied, got a few different ways of doing it now :]
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huge icon tutorial help!

hey guys.
i have recently just seen so many great icons that i just am in love with.
if you possibly can, can you try and help me make something like it?
like, the colouring.. effects etc.
i find them amazing.
sorry that i have posted alot, i find them amazing. x

000p16k6.jpg 000p208e.jpg 2w56elh.jpg 4g94fpl.jpg by dani_california
andthenwe_kiss.jpg by andthenwe_kiss

bybeautifularmor.png by beautifularmor

majesticaffair.png majesticaffair2.png by majesticaffair

yellina.png by yellina
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first tutorial.

hokay, so. i've had a few people ask me how to make this icon;

so, here it is. [:

i use photoshop 7.0 and imageready. i don't know if it's translatable because, well.. i don't use any other program. haha.

since this is my first tutorial and i was never good at being brief, this will have a lot of pictures and is kind of lengthy. i also tried to make it as beginner-friendly as possible, because i'm awesome like that.
now, i hope i'm not breaking some kind of icon-making rule here, but when i first started making these type of icons, i used setsuntamew's tutorial. my tutorial isn't exactly like hers, but her settings and stuff work the best with this kind of icon. so if mine is too confusing, or this is completely stupid of me to do, be sure to check out hers, here.

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EEEP!! Help!

I can't open CS3! Every time i try to run it, it crashes..after a few seconds.

I tried the crtl+alt+shift, but that does nothing.

And I don't know where my preferences file is.

So, reading the memory entries really didn't help me.

I don't wanna have to reinstall. It's a pain.

Please help! :(

EDIT: I think i'm just gonna uninstall it. I want my 700MB of space back, too. And I love my PS7 too much. It's not worth it. I'll wait until the final version of CS3 comes out to have it. If anyone has an answer to this problem, go right ahead...it'll help whoever. :) thx.
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