January 11th, 2007

new york giants.
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hello - i have a problem.

i made this icon.

i am trying to find this heart brush but it's not there. how can i get it back? anyone know?

many thanks!
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Pi glasses

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Well this is my first post here. My question is: Do u know any good coloring for persons that have dark skin??? For example  this pics: THIS, THIS, THIS or THIS
Hope u can help me!!

Sorry for my english!!
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virtual dub

i have virtual dub 1.6.15 every time i try to run this certain file it says this

Couldn't locate decompressor "WMV3" (unknown)
VirtualDub requires a Video for Windows(VFW)compatible codec to decompress video. DirectShow codecs, such as those used by Windows Media Player, are not suitable.

i don't know what that means and i don't know what to do to fix it.

Can anyone help??
{ReiUru} got you

(no subject)

Hi guys~

I have a little problem doing some icons, since it's my first time ._.

Well I downloaded some mask Brushes and wanted to add to this picture some kind of mask like this one . So I put the brush on it, but it totally sucks @.@ Instead of drawing the borders, it's like a stamp. No matter which mask I take they don't make some nice borders, they only draw what should be cut out @.@ I give you an example to what I mean... .
What do I have to do, that the other parts will become blurry and the main part stays in the color it is supposed to be @.@??? (My programm is Photo Shop CS)
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Pierre Bouvier

Question [EDIT]

Hey y'all.
I was just wondering if there were any tutorials for icons that bring the person's, in the picture, blue eyes. If that made any sense lol.
Please and thank you!
Prefferably for PaintShop Pro X. Thanks.

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midnight train to georgia

pausing animated icons

i found an animated icon that i really like,
although i hate the animation.
is there any way that you guys know of to pause animation on an icon?
with the limited tools of word, paint, and photobucket that is.

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Photoshop Frustrations


Don't get mad at me asking... I know this might not be the right place, but I couldn't find another community to ask.

What is wrong with my photoshop 7!! ARG.
It wont allow me to "save for web" wont even give me the option, and won't allow me to open a .png image. I have been using it forever, and it has never done this to me, and now I can't get it to work.

ANY help at all will be appreciated.
Image of stupid program issues below.
Collapse )
Sad Dooogie

Help please :(

Hey guys,  I took a picture of a sunflower (which I'll provide), and I want to color it with something vibrant, yet good, if that makes sense. But, I haven't seen a colouring that really works for it.

Can anybody PLEASE help? Thank you!

I use Photoshop CS and Paint Shop Pro X if anyone is wondering. Sorry about the confusion***

minho bb ♥

Image Quality

Hi there!
Lately i've been noticing how crappy the quality on my icons and graphics have been. With larger images i usually save them as .jpg, but with icons i save them as .png. The .png is fine for icons considering that they are only 100x100. Is there anyway to get better quality for larger graphics? I use PSP9 :D
Here's some of my work recently. You may notice the poor quality.

Example 001// JPG ver.
  Example001// PNG ver

Help anyone?? Thanks in advance ♥
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