January 13th, 2007



i was wondering... i have photoshop elements 5.0 but i dont know how to load new fonts into it or texture nor light textures... any help is greatly apprieciated... thank you in advance

looking for this tutorial

a while back i used a tutorial i'm pretty sure came from this site but now i can't find it and i was wondering if someone could help guide me to it.
i don't have the wallpaper that was made in the tutorial but i have the one that i made from following it and it has a pretty unique style to it so it shouldnt be too hard to remember and pinpoint

Faith - SPN

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Okay so I have found a website with lots of absolutely free text types on.

My question is this;

How do I load the script into my PSP9 so that I can use it?

Thanks in advance!

(Just a side note: Thank you to everyone who tried to help me with my last question :) )

EDIT: Thank you. Sorted.
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Compatability of PSP brushes in PSCS2?

I've recently switched from PSP X to PSCS2 and I wondered if I am able to use my PSP brushes in PS? Is there a way to import my existing PSP brushes into PS? I looked in the memories, but I only see tutorials on how to use PS brushes in PSP. I'm just looking for vice versa. If I overlooked this, I apologize. Thanks in advance. (:

burn-like textures

This is probably a really retarded question but I was wondering where you can find good burn-like textures or brushes?
I know there are thousands out there, but I know there's some that work better than others.
Which ones do you guys recommend/use?
Any suggestions would be helpful!

Example:   by woofaoofa612