January 14th, 2007

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Manga Coloring Question

Please forgive me for this question if it's been asked before, but I couldn't find anything in the memories.

Does anyone know any good manga coloring tutorials? (preferably for PS7) I'm trying to color this image.

Thanks in advance for any help.

[edit] answered, thanks for all the links to the great tutorials ♥

Paint Shop Pro - Selective Colouring Version

IMPORTANT!!! This is a Paint Shop Pro version of the 'Red Highlights Selective Colouring' craze hitting Photoshop users, I used __belfry's image in the selective colouring tutorial @ __belfrycons as a comparison

Level: Moderate-High - layer knowledge a must
Program Requirements: Layers, Adjustment Layers (though may not need adjustment layers should the icon be merged prior to a step)
Program used: PSP
Translateable? No


[ steps here ]
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Hello everybody! I'm using PSP8, and I'd like to know how to achieve the really pale-but-bright-and-colourful sort of look, a la the icons below. What sort of tools would I be using?

(by dreamsquare)

Also, how would I go about getting the faint yellow tint/glow in the icons below?

(by foursides and tolerancewrong)

Thank you in advance.
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Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
(click on the thumbnail to see the header flash)

i need a little help with animation. ok so i know how to make an animation like i want, which is like this header here but my question is how do i get the picture to flash but the text to not flash like in this header? and also when i save the animation how do i get it to save smoothly and not be choppy, as soon as i saved my animation and opened it it just looked choppy and grainy. thanks for any help =)

oh and i use animation shop 3
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Icon tut

Requested by ediblexllama and others.

How to get coloring like this - Icon by ?

The screencap was also given in the request.

We will be going from to

Made in Photoshop CS. Uses color balance. Should work with any other program too.

Catch it here
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Maybe someone can help me? I've got Photoshop 7.0 & everytime I use either colour balance or selective colouring & save the icon & then open it again/upload it, it doesn't look the same. It's as if it's got way more saturation or something. So if I put the saturation about 30% down & save it, it looks about the way it was before I saved it, but still somewhat diffrent.
I don't know if it's because I use PS through crossover office because Linux is on my computer, but I'd be glad if someone could help me ;)
eta: I just realized it's like that even if I don't use colour balance/selective colouring. That's even worse :|

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help on paths.

A while ago, I followed a tutorial made by petits_papiers, it was about makin curved lines in icons or banners around a person.
Last day I tired it, and somehow it came out really weird:

you can see the path I did and how it came out. any clues on this?
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(no subject)

I have a question concerning fixing coloring of screen caps. I have tried making icons with yellow-ish images but I can't fix them. I know how to fix blue, red and even color b&w images, but the yellow-ish caps are driving me nuts :(

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I wanted something simpler than 293884757 layers of selective color. When I try to up the blue it looks bad to me. If anyone can help, I'd be forever greateful.

eta: I use PS7.
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Saving animated images in PS

I just acquired Adobe Photoshop 8, and followed this tutorial on doing mini movies in icons. I got the whole thing down up to the last part. When it comes to saving the icon, I don't seem to find an animate option, as shown on the tutorial. I realize the verson I hve is newer than that shown in the tutorial, so I was wondering if somebody could help me solve my problem?
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Can anyone tell me how to achieve this sort of colouring please?
                                     (click to enlarge<3)

made by niki.

Thanks in advance!
K x