January 21st, 2007

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I was bored, and I didn't feel like making icons, so I bring you: COLORING TUTORIALS =P This is translatable since I use PSP 8. No freaky selective coloring stuff =P

-Uses PSP 8
-Skill level: Medium. You need to know your way around PSP.

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copy/pate help

i need serious help with photoshop! i checked the mems too couldn't find anything.
whenever I copy an image from my browser (Mozilla Firefox) and paste into Photoshop it doesn't paste the picture i want, instead it pastes a picture that i copied last. even if i repeat the copy pasting it keeps on pasting the same picture until i restart photoshop and it all is back to normal. someone please help.

thankyou!! =]

Diana DeGarmo is lovee!! <33
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I posted sometime ago about how to make your own textures. Durring that discussion, some one mentioned stock images, I asked about those, but soon had to leave for a trip.

I dont think I got a response to that question though.

So, out of curousity, what are stock images, and how can you use them to make textures?
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Hello. This would be my third question I believe and let me firstly thank everyone for sharing their knowledge in previous times.

Okay so onto the question.

Blue seems to be the thing of the moment. Dark blue set to exclusion. Every time I try to do a tutorial with this in here is where it goes wrong. I follow the tutorial but it still ends up looking rather misty almost when I get to this point whereas the example from the tutorialist (Is that a real word?) looks lovely and clear.

Can anyone help me?

EDIT1: There's a screenprint on the third comment down showing what I mean.
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tutorial 004.

Subject- Scarlett Johansson 
Difficulty- Beginner/Intermediate
Program- Photoshop CS2
Translatable- N/A

Going from...

view it here @ crackchemistry


GAH Im sorry guys, I didnt realize the entry was set on protected.
All fixed now :D

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Technicolor Girls

PS Prep Tutorial

This tutorial is meant as a basic prep for all pictures (in particular manga pictures and scans) before you start working with them, whether for an icon, banner, etc. These are just simple techniques for a clearer, brighter base.

Level: Easy
Program: Adobe Photoshop 7.0

 >>   and   >>  ... and MORE.

( ready, set, go! )
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Hey I've had a trawl through the memories, but cant find anything quite like this 

1. 2.
both made by teh_indy

the first one looks like it may have some texture/gradient on it, can anyone identify it or show me a similar one? 
and anyone have an idea about getting the colouring in the second?
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Ok so I have PSP8 on my computer and I cannot work out for the life of me how to make nice 100x100 bases, I mean I can...but the pictures I try to insert into the 1000x1000 base don't shrink and decide to remain as they are...it's kinda annoying. If ANYONE can help me out I'd be majorly grateful to anyone who can explain this to me...as easily as they can? ^_^


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