January 24th, 2007

Tutorial #3

Going from to in PSP X.

-Fairly easy
-Translatable [I think..]
-8 Steps
-Involves color balance, h/s/l, curves, channel mixer, & color layers

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Okay so a while back I posted this & although people were very helpful,I didn't manage to get the same colouring as I hoped I would :(

I have the originals under the cut

Collapse )

If anyone could tell me how to achieve this,or PLEASE experiment with the picture itself with the original provided to try & get a similar colouring,I'd love you forever =P

btw,I have PSP8 for now,so no selective colouring unfortunately :(

remember this!!

icon tutorials =)

i have a lor of tutorials on my memories, so i decide to do a post with all them....here we go..

I did not make any of these

these are taken from 
almost all tutorials are for Photoshop (some are translatables)

(if you are one of the maker and you don't want your tutorial here just tell me)

last update: january 24
nº of tutorials: 193

go here for the tutorials

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